Book Launch of Arun Maira’s latest book at SOIL

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Book Launch of Arun Maira’s latest book at SOIL



In the moment when we are struggling to find absolute relevance to the corrective measures for the situation around, what could be more relevant than the idea presented by Mr. Arun Maira, given to the world officially on 16th June, 2014 at the School of Inspired Leadership, Gurgaon.

Redesigning the aero plane while flying, a revolutionary book by Mr. Maira was launched with about a hundred people in attendance. A brilliant introduction about the person himself by Vrishin Bhamri, a Marketing Leadership Program student, marked an enthralling start of the event. The very presence of Mr. Maira in the room had filled the surroundings with insight and intellect. His concepts, perceptions and beliefs could serve as food for brain including the model of four forces driving the country to where it aims to go. The first force is of Capitalism, maybe crony in nature, where everybody is salivating for money. Secondly the strength is still with the 40 year olds, not with the youth of the country who are more than ready to hold the ropes. Next, according to him are the complaints that mother Earth is unable to voice or rather we are able to hear but not listen. Lastly it’s the force of communication that is contributing little but increasing the contentions between the other forces manifold.

Mr. Maira gave our young minds a question to mull over, “What should India be?” He asked emphatically, and as those hundred eyes got lit with expectations, he continued, “Probably the world’s largest free market.”

Instigating us to think why this change was necessary, he suggested the behavior of the business firms to be like that of the government’s. Democracy means ‘Of the people, For the people, By the people’. Similarly if we can make institutions and organizations to value their organizations more, it would revamp the way market works. The product or service should also very well be of the consumer, for the consumer and by the consumer, which is the one very wishful idea, considering the first force of capitalism being so prevalent, implementing something of this sort would take total dedication and countless hours of selfless service to the nation. The author quoted Mahatma Gandhi to support his proposition, “people must produce what they need.”

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As a conclusion, this story did a magnificent job that motivated each one of us to do our bit, “Once there was a fire in a forest. All the animals of the forest came out running to save their lives, but one humming bird rather stayed back and started to pour droplets of water on the fire beak by beak. However small or meager our contribution is, we have to be that humming bird.”

                                                                                                           By Vasu Sharma – Business Leadership Program 2014-15

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