Benefits of pursuing a One Year MBA in Delhi

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Benefits of pursuing a One Year MBA in Delhi

Need for a One Year MBA in Delhi -

The capital of India, Delhi has several booming career opportunities and top business schools in India. Contributing aspects to this fact are strong public sector, state-of-the-art infrastructure, close knitted connectivity and the presence of world class amenities. There are a lot of offices of IT companies in Delhi, also there is an influx of Multinational corporations in the state. These MNCs are from varied sectors like Marketing, Hospitality, Engineering, Finance and Architecture and all of them are setting up their corporate offices in Delhi. This is also a good news for graduates with minimum or no experience, as these companies can be a launching pad for their careers.

To increase the future growth rate of education, India needs to modify its current schooling and higher education system. Delhi houses several top business schools and there are renowned global companies in line during campus recruitment. This is because of the quality of studies pursued during the one year MBA in Delhi.

Credibility of the One Year MBA in Delhi -

In a recent survey it was noted that Delhi is among the top cities with the maximum job opportunities and industry exposure for professional and fresher degree. Among that, Gurgaon and Noida house the best business schools with great infrastructure, amenities and faculty. A One Year MBA in Delhi will give you the opportunity to work in the growing public and private sector of the country. For candidates from different states thinking that Delhi would be too far to stay and study for 2-3 years, they can opt for a one year MBA in Delhi from these schools. The educational institutions in Delhi also provide the Business Leadership Program which is more inclined towards entrepreneurs and candidates looking to start their own business.

The above mentioned points will surely clear all your confusions about going ahead for a one year MBA in Delhi.

Still confused about doing a one year MBA in Delhi?

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