5 Benefits of Choosing a One Year MBA Program

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5 Benefits of Choosing a One Year MBA Program


If you are an aspiring Indian MBA candidate, you will have certainly faced the inevitable dilemma of choosing between a two-year post graduate program and a one year MBA. Both have their benefits and limitations. The traditional two-year set up allows you to strengthen your theoretical knowledge and gain industry exposure with internships. The one year program, on the other hand, is more intensive, cost-effective as well as time saving.

Although the two-year programs have been favored for long, the one year pg program (PGP) are making new inroads in the arena. It is an especially lucrative alternative for seasoned executives who wish to enhance their careers.

Here’s what you may gain with a one year MBA in India, as opposed to other programs:

1. A Practical Approach

As opposed to the two-year program, where individuals without significant work experience may also apply, the one-year programs specify prior experience of at least 5 years.  This obviously makes the need for introducing the candidates to certain theoretical business concepts redundant. The program, therefore, focuses on a more practical and reality-based approach. Candidates learn to deal with real business situations related to marketing, finance, and human resources.

2. Diverse Business Models

Veering away from theory allows the curriculum to focus on a diverse range of business models. Candidates in one year pgp in India gain from the in-depth analysis of complex, real-life problems. This is highly beneficial in enhancing versatility and developing leadership skills.

3. Interaction with Seasoned Professionals

Due to the greater focus on practical learning, the course often requires guidance from entrepreneurs and experienced executives. In addition, the one year PG Program class itself includes several experienced professionals. This facilitates a highly productive environment, with excellent business exposure to candidates.

4. Specialized Careers

With a rigorous course structure, a one year MBA in India permits you to pave the path for a specialized career in the field of your choosing. You can direct your focus towards your professional interests, developing a skill-set specific to that area.

5. Global Exposure

With a more dynamic curriculum, the one-year program is a great way to gain insight into the global business scenario. Most institutes also offer international exchange programs through tie-ups with major overseas universities.

These benefits certainly make a strong case for the one year MBA programs in India. If a practical, career-enhancing and global MBA experience is what you are looking for, these programs are indeed ideal for you.

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