Are Women leaders more effective than Men?

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Are Women leaders more effective than Men?


Women make up for more than half of the workforce in modern day industries yet there are only a few at CEO and global head levels. According to a recent study it was found that there are only 3-4% of women globally that are CEOs of companies. The study also stated that women have more overall leadership effectiveness compared to men. The graph showed a 2.7% increase in effectiveness of leadership than men, females stood at 54.5% whereas their male counterparts were at 51.8%.

Despite of these stats, women are still lagging behind in playing larger roles in their respective organizations. As new leadership programs & one year mba programs are being developed women are gradually moving to better roles and job opportunities. The reason why men lag behind women in leadership is that after a certain age they think that their work seems fine and don’t need a feedback. Whereas a woman, no matter the age constantly pushes for feedback to improve her overall job performance, age is also a factor that changes the scenario a lot in these situations.Know more about business leadership program.

It is proven that leadership skills are developed in women as they age; during this time it’s always the men who are preferred to be effective leaders. According to a study, when a man and a woman join a company, the latter is preferred to be an effective leader but as they age the woman takes over. The gap is again filled when they reach the age of 60.

People often think that women will be apt at nurturing roles like motivating, relationship building and teamwork but apart from these they have also proved in taking initiatives and driving for results and these are not nurturing roles.

Organizations have begun to understand the importance of women leaders and have initiated assigning them with bigger roles.

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