An Introduction to the One Year MBA Degree

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An Introduction to the One Year MBA Degree


As the name suggests, a one year MBA course is a postgraduate course that allows you to add an important management degree to your resume without having to take an extended break from your work.

As opposed to the conventional MBA degree, this degree can be completed in a span of just one year. This feature makes our degree ideal for those who seek a post-employment qualification to qualify for better opportunities in the job market.

A Full-Time Degree

The one year MBA course is not a part-time course. It requires you to attend classes on a full-time basis just like a conventional MBA course. The only difference is that you will be completing the degree in a span of just 12-15 months instead of the conventional 24 months.

Specialized and Practical Approach

Another significant characteristic of the one year MBA course is our emphasis on specialized and practical knowledge. Since this course is designed primarily for those with a few years of work experience, we make sure the degree has a highly practical and goal-oriented approach. Unlike a conventional MBA course designed to offer exposure to a large member of topics, these MBA courses in India focuses on the core areas of the business management.

Tougher… but Worth It

Since the one year course covers practically all the topics covered under the conventional degree in just half the time span, the workload will be comparatively heavier. However, this is not a significant disadvantage considering you get a MBA degree against your name without having to take a long break from your work. Convincing employers to give you a one-year sabbatical will be a lot easier than staying away from work for two long years.

International Recognition

The one year MBA course is based on the European model, which means that the degree enjoys international recognition. Cost-wise, we have made sure this one year pg programs are cheaper than the conventional course, with scholarship and student loan options available for this course as well.

Of course, a degree like ours offering benefits like exposure, quality of teaching, and depth of coverage will cost more than a MBA degree from just any random institute. However, we definitely score over others in terms of long-term benefits and value for money.

To conclude,

Do not make the mistake of concluding that the two-year MBA course is the only option available at your disposal. Consider other alternatives like the one year course and analyze the pros and cons of all the options before taking a decision

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