3 Ways the case method changes the way you learn during MBA

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3 Ways the case method changes the way you learn during MBA


Blessed are the innovators who made studying motivating. For the uninitiated who are shocked to see the words ‘studies’ and ‘motivating’ in the same sentence in perfect harmony, I’m referring to ‘Case Studies’ and that too in executive MBA courses. What’s the difference you ask? Well, case studies refer to teachings instilled from real-life business scenarios rather than the textbook form of practicing it which is quite monotonous. So case studies come to the rescue to divert you from the boredom and jaw-widening yawns, they bombard your brain cells with innovative learnings and at the same time also keep you ennui-free! Following are pointers specifying how a case method approach changes the way you learn –

  • Case Method destroys the classroom monotony

A case study is a story that features a protagonist who finds an amicable solution to a business problem. Every individual in the cohort of students has his own opinion about the case, this sparks healthy debates and forms mutual-minded coalitions. A case method any day beats lecture-based classroom monotony.

  • To ace a case study you must be ‘armed to the teeth’

To get into the mindset of the business protagonist in the case and present it in front of your peers showcasing your opinions needs thorough preparation. This process in itself teaches you the entire chapter and here you are mugging from your textbooks, online blogs and what not. Thank God for case methods, phew!

  • It makes tough business concepts a breeze

No two business problems are the same, otherwise the world would be full of sunshine and rainbows, isn’t it? A case method teaches us to face tough business problems and emerge as the winner on the other side & thats what one year MBA programs are for. A relatively complicated problem can be conveniently tackled if your arsenal is filled with innovative weaponry and this is exactly what ‘Case Methods’ brings to the table.

Brilliant as it sounds but sadly only few thriving Indian Universities include case methods in their curriculum. XLRI of Jamshedpur, SOIL from Delhi and all the IIMs are a few that include case studies in the 1 year full-time MBA in India that they offer. So please note these important pointers while scouting for institutions that offer a 1 year post-graduate course in India and make an informed decision.

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