3 Reasons why your B-School Should have an Industry Tie-Up

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3 Reasons why your B-School Should have an Industry Tie-Up


A reason that is common when you join a business school is job placements. Every inquiry about a business school has ‘Job Placements’ highlighted, let’s face it, we enroll in MBA courses and shell out a large amount of money not just for the “knowledge” but where that degree leads to, of course an elevated position in the company with a good salary package. This is the bitter answer to the question why MBA? That over 90% of students hesitate to reply. We lose focus on the knowledge imparted during the sessions and focus more on preparing for placement interviews. If a business school has a tie-up with an industry and is sending you there for an apprenticeship then your preparation for a placement interview is already done. Still muddled about what I’m talking? The following pointers may broaden your horizon –

  • Real time approach

An internship in an industry enables the student to work on problems in real time. This is no drill and the student is expected to come up with innovative solutions. The knowledge gained in the industry is unparalleled to what they teach in the educational institution. Experience gained during apprenticeship is imperative for the student as it gives him an upper edge to outperform his colleagues.

  • Build contacts

Another important aspect while interning is to build your contacts. It works positively while applying for a job in the same organization or elsewhere too. A good word from a superior goes a long way in acquiring your favored job position in a MNC. So it’s important for you to interact with colleagues and superiors during your internship period.

  • Boosts confidence

While interning you gradually let go off the anxiety and nervousness of working in an MNC. This boosts your confidence and you are able to arrive at an amicable solution to all the problems thrown at you. Your success ratio escalates advertently resulting in a better pay package.

Ensure that your b-school has an industry tie-up as you will benefit in several ways because of this. A one year MBA in India is successful because of the internship programs. Institutions that offer internships are XLRI of Jamshedpur, ISB of Hyderabad, SOIL which offers executive MBA in Delhi and all the IIMs.

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