3 Reasons Why Engineers Thrive at an MBA Program

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3 Reasons Why Engineers Thrive at an MBA Program


In our country with a population of over 1 billion and an ever- evolving education system, majority of parents still want their children to pursue either engineering or medicine. This results in a mass number of confused adolescents embarking on a path to fulfill their parent’s self-righteous ambitions. We’ve all been down that road haven’t we? Trying to dodge the potholes of journals, facing the harsh winds of internals and ensuring that we’ve enough fuel in us to get through that massive heap of books. But, what next? You never liked the whole process, will you be able to sustain your entire life based on a job that you repent to do? The thought is as creepy as Donald Trump relaxing in the White House. Luckily for these poor souls a transformation is possible. There’s a way out and business schools is one of it, obviously a one year MBA degree is not the most sought after by an engineering student but it’s a great way to change career paths.

This decision of yours is bound to draw a lot of flak from family and friends. Everyone will be constantly nagging you with that one question ‘Why MBA?’ well, here’s why –

  • Mathematical geniuses

While non-engineering students are taught addition, subtraction and division, engineering students are trained to calculate the speed, distance and time of Mars rovers, not literally but you see where I’m going. In businesses there are a lot of data driven decisions to make and for an engineer it’s effortless compared to the other non-engineering inferior mortals.

  • Leadership qualities

Students while studying engineering are always short on time to complete journals and assignments, so they devise unique methods to accomplish the task. The same approach is required in the fast-paced business scenario where a solution to a problem is required as quickly as Usain Bolt crosses the finish line (Seriously). Such qualities are found in engineering students and business schools develop this skill set further in specialized Leadership programs. XLRI, IIM, ISB and SOIL are a few that offer this 1 year post graduate course in India.

  • Creative and Technical, a bit of both

Needless to say that an engineer has excellent technical knowledge, but they also ooze a lot of creative talent. A deadly combination to tackle whatever the corporate world throws at you and this is exactly why engineers thrive, dominate and prevail in executive MBA courses. They have the talent, knowledge and passion to take long strides while other feeble humanoids crawl in that lane.

Top institutions to enroll for a 1 year full time MBA in India are IIMs, SOIL, XLRI, ISB, and SP Jain. Choose the institute carefully depending on your requirements. Also do remember what James A. Michener once said, ‘Scientists dream about doing great things. Engineers do them.’ So go ahead and do it!

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