10 Things to Do After Being Accepted By a Business School

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10 Things to Do After Being Accepted By a Business School


Business schools witness an exponentially increasing number of candidates comprising fresh graduates as well as working professionals. Master of Business Administration (MBA) is one of the most popular professional courses in the world.

Most leading institutes even offer part-time, executive, and online versions in addition to the conventional MBA degree.Here are the ten things you must do after being accepted by a business school:

  1. Make a gracious exit

If you’ve decided to quit your job to pursue MBA courses in India, the foremost task is quitting in a courteous manner. Advanced planning enables you to serve your notice period along with sorting out issues with your superiors. It may also help you avoid burning any bridges by maintaining cordial relationships with your colleagues and superiors even after you leave.

  2. Increase market awareness

A business school candidate is not only expected to be eager to learn but also be well informed about his surroundings. Ensure your basic concepts are clear. If you’ve had a long break from education, consider taking a refresher course online before you begin your one year MBA in India. Fluctuating market trends tend to dominate industry demands and keeping yourself up-to-date will go a long way towards creating a lasting impression.

  3. Prepare all necessary documents

 Once you’re accepted by a B-school, you would receive a lot of supplementary information pertaining to your course and the institute. Many schools may send certain assessment tests, and may even require you to complete certain formalities. Read the fine print, chart up a calendar with a checklist, and ensure everything gets sent on time.

  4. Build a network

When you’re in the field of business, it is imperative to build connections. Your business basically depends on confidently talking to new people, making contacts, and networking across your age and sphere of experience. Networking makes available endless opportunities and also helps you carve a bright reputation for yourself.

  5. Step out of the comfort zone

Stepping into business schools, be it a full-time, part-time, or one of the executive MBA programs in India, you are likely to feel overwhelmed. This generally results in people sticking to what they know instead of trying something new. So, use this time to consider opportunities you didn’t know existed. Extensively discuss elective options and broaden your horizons.

  6. Extend your gratitude

Although most credit goes to you, your support system has partly enabled your admission. By thanking everybody who helped you along your entire application and interview process, you not only create goodwill for yourself but also make a lasting impression. Send thank you letters or emails to your friends, mentors, guidance counselors, and family.

  7. Research alternative funding

Business schools’ fees are expensive. If you intend on covering a part of the cost with the help of loans, grants, or scholarships, it is highly recommended that you start early. There are several scholarships that are awarded on a merit basis, while others may require additional applications. When it comes to any financial decisions, only sign on the dotted lines once you’re entirely convinced.

  8. Look for internships

Internships or part-time jobs may help you receive financial aid and boost your job portfolio. Many business schools are affiliated with companies that let their students intern while pursuing their course. Inquire regarding the same at your institute’s career center. Additionally, browse through the opportunities online and take up one that would not only complement but also boost your career

  9. Seek guidance from a mentor

Right off the bat, try and connect with your education institute’s alumni in order to actively seek a mentor. Mentors guide you by providing timely advice and may also help you seek jobs. As a student, it is the right moment to seek an industrial mentor who can help you plan the present as well as the future and truly enrich your MBA experience.

  10. Get to know your campus

Post your acceptance; visit the campus in order to understand your daily commute, housing requirements, and other facilities. Ask the resident counselor for help regarding affordable accommodations and inquire about the availability of an in-house hostel.

A postgraduate specialization is a big decision and therefore must be dealt with serious consideration. Ensure you constantly try out different avenues and take advantage of opportunities that come your way in order to truly reap the benefits of the course.

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