After completing your graduation studies there’s always the question of what’s next? Should you go for a job or enroll for a post-graduation course? This dilemma has haunted students for a long time and many of them enroll in a post-graduation (PG) course just for the sake of it. The most common PG course is Masters of Business Administration (MBA). But, little do you realize that there are several categories in this too, like MBA in Marketing, MBA in Finance, MBA in Human Resources (HR) and so on. So the question here is ‘Why MBA?’ and moreover ‘Which type of MBA to choose?’ As HR is an emerging field let’s focus on this stream.

What do HR professionals do?

The job of a Marketing Director of a company is to get the business into the limelight, the job of the CEO is to make the company successful and profitable and the job of a HR manager is to ensure that things are functioning smoothly in the organization and making sure that every employee is content with the way the company functions.

If you agree with the following pointers then a job as an HR professional is right for you.

You enjoy the company of people around you

If you feel you’re a people’s person and love helping them at every step propelling them towards success, then a career in HR is the right fit for you. The basic requirement of an HR professional is to interact with the employees and ensure that they are content with the amenities of the organization.

Making employees happy is the highlight of your day

If you feel a sense of satisfaction after a great interaction with the employees of the organization, then you’re meant to be an HR professional. There are people who are snobbish and mind their own business and there are HR professionals who will go to any length just to make sure the employees are happy and have job satisfaction.

Paperwork doesn’t bother you

Some may call it a down-side of the job but handling paperwork is pretty easy if focused on. As an HR professional you will be filing-in, handling and managing important paperwork of the organization. If you’re a person with great organizing skills, performing these tasks will be a breeze for you.

If these pointers appeal to you then a future as an HR professional suits you the best. There are several institutions offering MBA in HR courses in India and if you don’t want to waste time just enroll in a one year executive MBA in India instead of one year MBA, where you will be taught executive MBA courses without spending 2-3 years of your career. Immediately after graduation you can enroll yourself in 1 year full time MBA in India and get started with your professional career as MBA graduate.

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