The experienced workforce usually retires at the age of 58-60 years. But thanks to better health care and greater awareness among people to lead healthy lifestyle in general, a lot many professionals who have retired or are about to retire still carry a lot of potential to contribute. So after leading successful careers in their “first innings”, many of them wish to pursue a “second innings” that gives them more fulfillment & joy by dedicating the remainder of their working lives towards enabling others to be successful.

About 2nd Innings leadership program

The Second Innings Leadership program aims to address the needs of this important segment of our society, which has the desire to “give back” and help the next generation to become more effective – by becoming national resources themselves in their “Second Innings” of life! The selected participants would aim to develop their skills to facilitate dialogue, assess talent, coach others, “teach and train”, negotiate win-win solutions amongst stakeholders with differences and become trusted “consultants”.

Good Management is all about Planning, Organizing and controlling whereas Good Leadership is all about vision, values and empowerment. So when good management and good leadership come together, it gives rise to a six-point star which can be depicted as the 6 disciplines of:

  • Facilitation (how to facilitate a dialogue when a conflict takes place)
  • Coaching (how to help others to develop and grow, which is the critical need for building capability)
  • Teaching – (there’s tremendous shortage of good quality faculty in our country. So how to convert managers into good teachers)
  • Negotiation (how to create win-win situations instead of unnecessary arguments)
  • Consulting (how to get people to understand problems with whole systems thinking and be able to have an objective view; also how to write good proposals and learn effective project management and presentation skills)
  • Assessment/Appreciation of talent

The Alumni of 2nd Innings Leadership Program will be valuable not only to organizations but also to the country as a whole. As we know that change cannot be imposed, we require experienced change agents and facilitators who help organizations and communities to lead better. Also, lot of people have expertise but don’t know ‘how’ to help. So, this program will be one such unique platform to transform the participants into effective change agents with the knowledge of the ‘how’.

Objectives of the program

At the end of each module, each person would have:

  • Acquired the vocabulary of that area of expertise
  • Understood key concepts and skills.
  • Gained insights on how to practice the new skills
  • Identified a self-development plan with a calendar of activities to be followed to gain “mastery”.


  • Corporate: Business Unit or Functional Heads / Business Heads / Board Members / CEO’s / people with Leadership positions.
  • Armymen
  • Social Leaders

Minimum age: 50 (exceptional leaders with age less than 50 can also apply)

People who enjoy developing others. Who want to help next generation to become more effective.

Program duration: 1 year

The 2nd innings leadership program would be launched on the auspicious day of Guru Poornima this year on 31st July 2015.

We will soon come up with further details, keep checking this section regularly!