We understand your concerns for residing in a safe and comfortable environment while staying away from home. And we address this concern, by providing a secured residential facility within close proximity of our campus.

Benefits of this residential facility:
  • Spacious, furnished rooms available on twin sharing basis with attached washrooms
  • 24×7 security guard and restriction of outsiders entry without permission
  • Wi-Fi premises with excellent speed and bandwidth
  • 100% power back-up
  • Walking distance from SOIL
  • Close to ATMs (ICICI, HDFC, etc.)
  • Delhi metro station at a distance of 1 km
  • Airport at a distance of 30 minutes by car
  • Shopping malls, cineplexes, food joints, etc. within a 2 km radius


Check out our application process to apply soon to SOIL’s executive MBA programs.

Please note: availability of this facility is limited to outstation women candidate only | The property is not owned by SOIL | Terms & Conditions Apply

For more details : Please mail us at admissions@soilindia.net

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SOIL Admissions Overview

School of Inspired Leadership has a carefully crafted admission process called the Talent Appreciation Process. The parent company of SOIL, Grow Talent Company has helped in the development of thousands of leaders though its HR domain expertise in identifying and grooming talent. This forms the basis of our selection methodology at SOIL.

Our application process involves
1. Online Application Form
2. Essays
3. Caliper Assessment Test
4. Recommendations
5. Talent Appreciation Interview

Test Scores Accepted

Logos Final

Who are we looking for?

School of Inspired Leadership attracts students from diverse backgrounds with the following common characteristics:

Leadership Experience
Leadership is the key ingredient that we look for. We appreciate leadership expressed at any scale or in any form – from academics to community building to extra-curricular. Irrespective of your work experience – entrepreneurial, organizational, or social we look for demonstrated leadership experience.

Team Players
School of Inspired Leadership is a fast-paced, and highly-demanding environment. We look for individuals who enjoy collaborating rather than competing. We also believe that a leader is the most responsive team member. We look for students who exhibit the highest ethical standards and respect for others, and can make positive contributions to the MBA Program.

Innovative Thinkers
SOIL follows a rigorous case based study method for most courses. The right candidates are eager to look at all case problems in the light of their own professional experience and arrive at innovative solutions to real business problems.

While the above three from the basis for admission to the SOIL Post Graduate Program, however in order to be eligible to apply to our Post Graduate Program you need to meet the following requirements:

1. An undergraduate degree: As guidance, you should have a minimum score of 60% in 10th and 12th board exams; and a minimum score of 55% in graduating degree for engineers and 50% for non-engineers. If your scores do not meet these criteria you may still be considered provided you have a very strong profile demonstrating a high degree of responsibility at work or an extra-curricular achievement. If you successfully make it through our admission process, then at the time of accepting our offer letter, you will be required to submit all your university degree academic transcripts/mark-sheets.

2. Minimum 2 years of work experience: You should have at least two years of previous full-time work experience for both PGPBL and PGPHRL.  Our class has on average four years full time work experience. We do not look for any sector specific experience, however we do look for career progression and international exposure. We are very encouraging of candidates having unconventional work experience.

Important Dates

All students seeking admission for SOIL Post Graduate Program starting 24th April ’17 can access the online application from here (link). SOIL has three application cycles. Below are the deadlines for the 2017 admissions cycle:

Apply by Interview invite by Final decision by
Cycle 1 22nd  October ‘16 5th November ‘16 19th  Nov ‘16
Cycle 2 17th December ‘16 31st December ‘16 14th January ‘17
Cycle 3 11th  March ‘17 25th March ‘17 8th  April ‘17

All applications made after 19th February will not be eligible for scholarships. You can visit our scholarship page for more details.

We recommend that you apply at the early stages since we get huge number of applications from Cycle 1 onwards we are unable to guarantee that there will be places left in the later stages.

School of Inspired Leadership is a niche B-school that attracts a very diverse group of candidates each year. We help MBA aspirants think their MBA decision through and evaluate if the candidate and SOIL are a good fit.

MBA aspirants reach out to us for:
  • Profile assessment and CV review

    Our admissions office will be happy to review your CV, assess your academic and professional profile and help you understand how to make a strong application.

    For a detailed evaluation of your profile please mail your resume and academic performance scores to admissions@soilindia.net with subject Line : Profile Evaluation.

    Please ensure that your resume has section on Education, Work Experience and Extra-curricular.

    We aim to provide you with a response within ten working days; however, we may take longer during busy periods due to the volume of requests we receive.

  • Admissions Team Connect

    Our Admissions Team can assist with any specific program related queries and provide details regarding how we can support you through the application process. They can also give you feedback on what is the profile of an ideal SOIL candidate and how your profile compares to it. Please contact any of our admission team members:

    Director - MBA Admissions
    Mailto: admissions@soilindia.net
    Contact: +919654467153

Our application process requires you to fill in an online application form by your chosen application deadline.

You will be required to provide the admissions committee with the following:

  1. Details of academic background
  2. Extensive account of your work experience
  3. GMAT/CAT/XAT or any other entrance test scores. These scores are not mandatory, however they add extra weightage to the application
  4. Contact details of two recommenders, with at least one professional recommender, whom SOIL will email at a later date
  5. Three mandatory essays to help us determine your fit with SOIL
  6. Preferred dates for Caliper and interviews

The application fee amounts to Rs. 2000/- and is non-refundable. Candidature for admissions is only considered after remittance of the admission fee of Rs. 2000/-. This admission fee goes towards covering the costs associated with Caliper assessment test– an internationally renowned talent management test.

While we ask you for your preferred dates to schedule a Caliper test and interviews, inviting you for one will entirely depend on the discretion of the admissions committee basis the strength of your profile.

Once your application has been submitted it will be forwarded to the admissions committee at the earliest for review.

Caliper Assessment Test

At SOIL we believe that gauging analytical abilities is only the first step towards leadership. We therefore look for a more comprehensive approach to evaluating leadership potential of our applicants. Caliper is a mandatory qualifying test for both SOIL Post Graduate Programs.

Caliper is a talent management company that, for more than a half-century, has helped businesses with talent acquisition, leadership development, succession planning, and organizational change. It has already helped more than 28,000 companies around the world get clear about selecting the right people, developing the best talent and creating the organizational culture they need to succeed.

Once the admissions committee has reviewed your online application form and finds you to be a promising candidate you will be invited to take the caliper test at a test center close to you. Admissions office will try its best to schedule the Caliper assessment test on your preferred dates as stated in the admission form.

Caliper is a tool that helps assess multiple intelligences. For prospective students it helps us assess the following competencies:

  1. Leadership and competency to influence
  2. Relationship management competencies
  3. Problem solving & Decision making competencies
  4. Personal organization & time management competencies

The test takes approximately 2 hours (check) to complete. There is no fee to take the caliper test, it is already included in the application fee. Caliper reports of all candidates are shared with them after the final decision, irrespective of their admission status.

Talent Appreciation Interview

We have a rolling interview process. You can expect to get a decision on your shortlist within four weeks of submitting your application and two weeks of taking the Caliper assessment test.

Shortlisted candidates are required arrive 30 minutes before the interview to take a few on the spot tests at the interview venue.

Interviews with short-listed candidates will be conducted by a faculty member and a senior member of the industry. Interviews last about 45 minutes and you will be asked questions about your background and your aspirations, and how the MBA program fits with your plans.

We recommend that you prepare for this interview as you would for a job interview.

Final Decision

Final decisions will be emailed to all candidates within four weeks of taking the interview.

After your interview there are two possible outcomes:

  1. You are made an offer to join the program: In which case you will be required to secure your place by paying the first installment of the course fee - Rs. two lakhs within 15 days of receiving the offer. The Admissions team will guide you through this process.
  2. You are not successful at securing a place this year: We encourage you to reach out to us for feedback on your profile, strengthen your profile and re-apply the following year. The admissions committee will look to see how you’ve progressed since the time of your previous application.

Amount payable at the time of accepting the offerAdmission Fee (non-refundable)* 200,000
Tuition Fee 1,012,474
SOIL Alumni Association Membership Fee 2,625
Total Fee 1,215,099
Service Tax** 182,265
Total Fee (inclusive of Service Tax) 1,397,364
Security Deposit (refundable) 30,000
Total Fee (inclusive of service tax) 1,427,364
Amount payable at the time of accepting the offerAdmission Fee (non-refundable)* 200,000
Tuition Fee 828,268
SOIL Alumni Association Membership Fee 2,625
Total Fee 1,030,893
Service Tax** 154,634
Total Fee (inclusive of Service Tax) 1,185,527
Security Deposit (refundable) 30,000
Total Fee (inclusive of service tax) 1,215,527

*Admission fee, along with the applicable service tax has to be paid at the time of offer acceptance.

**As per prevailing Government Of India rules, current rate of service tax is 15%. The service tax is paid at the time of payment with the respective fee component.


For those seeking educational loans, we are pleased to share that we have partnerships with the following organizations:
Bank Name Details
Axis Bank click here
HDFC Credila click here
Avanse click here


In order to encourage and support students with limited means, SOIL offers Scholarships to deserving students. The number of seats under the scholarship category are limited. Students seeking scholarships are advised to apply early in the admission cycle as majority of scholarships are available in the cycle 1 & cycle 2.

1. If applying under scholarship category, you will have to indicate the same while filling the application form .

2. A separate form – the scholarship form, will be required to be filled for applying for scholarship. You will be directed to it only if you choose to apply in the scholarship category.

3. The admission will only be offered in case the seats under applied scholarships category are available.

4. No two scholarships can be combined.

Application Deadline for Scholarships: 19th February 2017

Scholarship Type Grant Range No. of Individuals Criteria Process
Need Based Scholarships 2.5-4 lakh Cycle 1: 5 students

Applicants with family income (excluding applicant’s income) of less than INR. 5 lakh per annum.

Last drawn salary would be considered for retired family members.

Applicants from family business, entrepreneurial & self-employed background will not be considered.

Applicants who have studied or worked outside India will not be considered.

Scholarships will be granted only after complete verification of applicable documents.

Students will have to submit separate application along with the Admissions application.
Cycle 2: 7 students
Cycle 3: 4 students
Merit Based Scholarships/ Research Assistantships 2 lakh Cycle 1: 3 students Exceptional Students with proven track record in academics, professional career, extracurricular activities & Admission Process.Top 10 %ile of the class basis admission process will be eligible for merit based scholarship. Students will have to submit separate application along with the Admissions application. Please note that students who are awarded the scholarship are expected to work as a “Research Assistant “ for at least 5 hrs per week for 10 months.
Cycle 2: 5 students
Cycle 3: 4 students
Capt. Vikram Batra Scholarship 4 lakh Cycle 1: 2 students Students or their parents must have worked for the Defence Services of India. Students will have to submit separate application along with the Admissions application.
Cycle 2: 2 students
Cycle 3: 1 student
Outstanding Work in NGOs & Non Profits 1 lakh Cycle 1: 1 student Student must be working in an NGO or Non-profit during the period of applying to SOIL.

Students should have worked at the stated NGO or Non-profit for at least one year and must present proof of the same.

Cycle 2: 2 students
Cycle 3: 2 students
SOIL Chopras Scholarship 1 lakh Cycle 1: 1 student Based on the aptitude Test conducted by Chopras.

Students should contact The Chopras to check eligibility & undertake aptitude test.

Cycle 2: 2 students
Cycle 3: 2 students

SOIL has three application cycles. Below are the deadlines for 2017 admissions cycle:

Apply by Interview invite by Final decision by
Cycle 1 22nd  October ‘16 5th November ‘16 19th  November ‘16
Cycle 2 17th December ‘16 31st December ‘16 14th January ‘17
Cycle 3 18th  February ‘17 25th February ‘17 11th  March ‘17

All applications made after February 4, 2017 will not be eligible for scholarships. You can visit our scholarship page for more details.

We recommend that you apply at the early stages since we get huge number of applications from Cycle 1 onwards we are unable to guarantee that there will be places left in the later stages.

Program Start Date : April 24, 2017

To reach out to SOIL alumni please click here.

SOIL Admissions Team conducts various INFO SESSIONS across the country to provide prospective students with a unique opportunity to meet our Admissions Director, Alumni and Faculty. Students may seek answers to any questions which they may have about the PGP-BL and PGP-HRL programs, admission process, career opportunities and campus life. Interested candidates can register for any of the info-sessions listed below by sending an email to ‘admissions@soilindia.net’ with the subject-line ‘Resister for Info Session’.