The concept of sustainability is critical to be adopted by companies in today’s world scenario, which is increasingly facing challenges of varied kinds. The framework of ‘Vision to Action’ is adopted by truly inspired leaders who wish to take responsibility for the state of our world. The objective of the present study is to evaluate the effectiveness of this vision to action framework with regard to sustainability in companies. For this, a questionnaire was prepared with the following broad objectives:

  • to seek their opinion on inclusion and effectiveness of sustainability in their vision & values, mission, strategy and structure,
  • to assess the extent to which sustainability is implemented through their vision deployment process which includes resource deployment, roles & goals, metrics & review, learning, development & training system and reward & recognition, and
  • to assess the extent to which sustainability is emphasized in their communication system: internal and external.

The responses were received from twenty three leading companies. Based on these responses, analysis was made to assess the commitment levels of companies towards striving for sustainability, and to identify the level till which their vision of sustainability translates into action. It was found that the sustainability concept is not strongly evidenced in the various stages of vision to action framework of most companies. Nearly half of the companies do not give it a high rating in their vision and value system. Out of those which rate it high in the vision, nearly three fourth of them do not implement it through their structure and vision deployment process. Within this process, a higher proportion of companies seem to face problems while translating it from mission to strategy level. Further, the weightage given to sustainability does not percolate as much to lower levels of management and remains more or less confined to senior levels. Within the vision deployment process, the weakest areas appear to be in categories of rewards & recognition, learning, development & training, and roles & goals (in that order), which highest number of companies have rated as low. Finally, sustainability is yet to find its due place in communication systems of companies, and more so to internal stakeholders.