A one year MBA course is a good idea for a number of reasons. One of the key considerations when deciding to which MBAs you’re going to apply, is program length. A two year MBA will provide increased theoretical learning and internship opportunities & is popular in the US and even India currently but if you compare it with the cost & other advantages of a one year MBA, it make your decision a bit more complex.

One of the reasons why you should consider pursuing a one year MBA in India is that it is geared towards project-based learning which enables students to instantly put theory into practice; this is especially relevant to those who are newer to the world of business.

You also get to understand a mixture of business models from around the world, allowing candidates to gain a deeper understanding of them. You get to learn from real entrepreneurs from whom candidates can learn and take inspiration.

MBA candidates should look for schools that focus on their career development needs. A one-year MBA provides all the tools for candidates to work towards their targeted MBA careers. Additionally, career services provides various seminars, covering topics such as personal and leadership development, network building and application training. This is vital for your holistic development too.

Several one year MBA courses in India have options to study part of your course abroad or affiliations with international universities. You should explore these opportunities to get the full exposure of the course you select. There are various reasons for choosing a one year MBA program over a two year program and one of them could be that you have relevant work experience and may not benefit as much from a two year program. Whatever your reasons are, there are definitely advantages that a one year MBA provides.

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