At School of Inspired leadership (SOIL), placement is a matter of choice where recruiting companies and students, engage in conversations for the right fit between student and company. This activity has been envisaged as a defining action that impacts decisions and careers not only in the present but also in the future. At SOIL this engagement between students and recruiting companies has been christened as “CAREER MANAGEMENT SERVICES”. SOIL invites to campus some of the best Indian and global companies across sectors and industries.

Since our inception we have had tremendous support from the industry and the student community alike. In the process of creating Inspired Leaders, our alumni have been setting great examples in the companies they have joined, and companies are appreciating & supporting our efforts by way of giving career opportunities to our students and partnering with us on multiple fronts like guest lectures, leadership series, live case studies, practice interviews, mentoring our students and many such activities. All of them directed at giving our students an unparalleled learning experience culminating into the best career opportunities.

With a culture and relationships driven principally by the elements of Inspired Leadership we have established a strong base with many companies and we have more than 100 regular recruiters across industries.

Following table provides a snapshot of the placement record at SOIL till 2013-14.

Career Forward Statistics – Consolidated Data
Year 2009 – 2014 2010 – 2014
Total Students 241 137 94
Students opted out of placement process 10 6 8
Students participating in the Placement Process 231 131 86
Average experience of students participating in the process (Years) 4.4 2.3 2.1
Highest salary 21.9 18 12.8
No. of offers accepted 203 121 79
Average Salary (Rupees Lacs Per Annum) 9 7 7
Student wise average % increase in salary after SOIL experience 110 112 134