Oftentimes, we are transported back in time, to a space so pure, so vulnerable, so enriching that you fail to realize the existence of the triviality, the frugality, the vanity that has come to besot you, the ordinary, prodigal human of today, the hollow plank that you’ve been rendered to as.

Let me count the ways in which we attain the holy-ism within. Meditation is one, helping a blind man cross the road when there’s no one to help him could be another, educating a poor kid and liberating him forever from a state of destitution could be yet another one; there are countless number of ways in which you can choose to be drafted into a place that leaves you spellbound, gasping for more, and more, and yet more of the sheer serenity that it breathes into you for every single moment of the cheerfulness and joy under heaven – explain this statement?

You are missing a connector here to let the thoughts flow from one to the otherThe best part about learning is that it becomes a part of you, and keeps adding value to you anywhere you go. It never dies. It stays inside you in that one little corner, illuminating you with its glory and its light. So, as they say, knowledge is precious, it is nectar for the intelligent, and Elysium for the enlightened.

And knowledge comes from everywhere. The sun rises within you with its inculcation. The sun sets when you choose to be hubristic and ignore its importance in your life.

One of the ways revisit this beginning in which the recent course on Theatre helped us was to strengthen within us the power of ethics. How, you may ask. So consider this, when a part of your mind is happy, doesn’t it lead the entire soul to fly? And so if you choose to demonstrate a beautiful and cherubic part of yourself, which you have, so carefully, chosen to shelve from the wider planet, with all the aplomb, all the passion, and all the grace, what does it do to you? It causes you to become more “you”. You explore the craftier and the more beautiful “you”. The smiling, and the radiant “you”. And that precisely is what I consider was my learning from the exercise of “Pillars of Inspired Leadership through Theatre”. One could so surely learn to embrace that aspect of one’s soul that is so fallible, so vulnerable, yet so flamboyant, that the mind achieves the unthinkable – the vision of the sun over the horizon, the love of a kid inside, the grace of a warrior within, and the everything-within-you-that’s-good-for-everything-that’s-worth! That joy nourishes within you the morality, the virtues, the ethics, the joys, the passion, and the smiles of? The sentence/thought seems unfinished.

Let me share what I feel of the virtues regarding ethics that the course taught us.

For different people, the types of ethics types or idea of ethics? could be different. So it’s very important to determine and demonstrate what special what? Or do you mean speciality? the person in question can bring to the table. To begin with, I would like to classify what ethics mean to me, post this enriching course. I would like to categorize ethics as “Personal” and “Professional”. Indeed, the course helped nurture both to a great extent. In the following lines I’d like to offer a bit of a perspective of what each is, and how it is nurtured within us through such an exercise.

Personal ethics determine a person’s stature – it could be the austerity he exudes, or his ability to hold sway in a given circumstance, the aura surrounding the person, the impact he can have wherever he goes. These are built on the principles a man sets for himself; principles which go on to determine what milestones he achieves in his life and career, and what direction his life will take. Granted, the puritan’s view of ethical attitude will never be the same as the neophyte’s; but an individual who is successful in life is one whose conduct impresses all and sundry, and who treads the path of righteousness without ever resorting to chauvinism.

Professional ethics, if anything, spawn from a person’s personal ethics. The way a person behaves at workplace inherently showcases his guiding principle in life and the tenets upon which his ability to deliver the results are based. Righteous professional ethics emanate from sound ethical chastity. A person who wins over peers, clients and acquaintances with ease is invariably a person with strong values and good interpersonal skills.

To sum up what I intend to say here is, I don’t believe there is much of a difference between the two facets of an individual’s set of ethics. Both are not just interconnected but mutually support each other in determining the chiseling of the uncut diamond that a man is rephrase. It’s the classic case of the two being opposite sides of the same coin this analogy clashes with the first imagery. While personal ethics evolve from the guiding principles of the person involved, professional ethics evolve from the guiding principles of the organization involved < this is your take, right?.

The most important point is, both get honed with an exercise like PILT that seeks to drain you out of your self-induced slumber. Question is how did it do that?

And ultimately, it’s one’s ethical nature which earns one success, fame and laurels. So we all must be prepared to hone both these skills to the hilt, thus ensuring a greater degree of good to our careers and lives. Indeed a well drafted course, and something which could let us relate to so many facets of our selves, and our personalities.

One of the things I could relate to is how our college period resembles our little lives. We meet people, we teach them, are taught by them; some become a crucial part of our lives, some are obscured into oblivion very verbose, you losing the essence of thought here. The key always is to learn what good they have to offer and to give what best sinews we can offer to them as individuals. And it’s a truth that at times, little things said by arbitrary people stay with us till the end of our lives. They help us grow by the seeds of wisdom that later begin taking the shape of fruit-bearing, mellow trees inside us. And that indeed, is how the course helped us, grow into those mellow trees, that bear happiness, and joys and for the greater good of just our own selves, but for everyone and everything associated with us.

And ultimately, helping the sun within us to rise again, shining bright for an eternity.

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