School of Business Design

A new world-order of business that is being shaped by Design

The new world of business is characterized by volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity and it is fuelled by technology. Organizations are under intense pressure to innovate or be rendered irrelevant. Leading organizations like Apple, Google, Facebook, Amazon that have established their strong global presence with unprecedented speed are anchoring themselves in Design and not just in technology and management efficiency. Organizations from the previous century that are thriving today have also leveraged Design to play a decisive role in their transformation.

India has witnessed the advent of new organizations with exciting ideas. If our organizations wish to lead in the new world of business, we will need a new breed of professionals, leaders and entrepreneurs who lead with creative ideas and not just managerial skills.

Calls for a change in design of management education

Management Education is under severe criticism for its increasing lack of relevance to the new world-order of business. Graduates are equipped at best to bring about incremental changes, and are unable to keep up with the rapidly changing requirements of their organizations. Unfortunately, we cannot get the new kind of graduates from the old kind of management education that was created for the businesses of the previous century.  

Leading business programs have been rather similarly structured around inductive (generalization from specific instances) and deductive (inferences from logical premises) reasoning. The current state of affairs calls for a new structure on the premise of abductive reasoning i.e. ‘what might be’.

The key to creating this mindset in them lies in Design Thinking. Business Programs have to shift their focus to just producing managers, business leaders to nurturing Business Design Leaders who can visualize and craft new possibilities.

Bringing Design Thinking to the core of Management Programs

In the popular Indian imagination, the word design is often confused with graphics, fashion designing, technical product development and industrial design. The task at hand, therefore, is as much about making future business leaders aware of what Design Thinking really means.

Design Thinking is a systematic process to master the art of innovation.

It trains us to think differently, redefine problems, synthesize to extract insights, develop multiple solutions. Design Thinkers view situations, not as an either-or between two available alternatives but hold an integrated view that allows for the creation of new alternatives that provides for practicing ethical leadership by balances conflicting priorities in an innovative way.

It shows how constraints are not enemies but drivers of innovation and differentiation to unlock more value for businesses and its stakeholders. It gives them the skills of appreciative inquiry so that they can collaborate with diverse stakeholders, integrate opposing ideas and distill that exceptional insight or path-breaking idea that all organizations wish for.

Merging Design and Management ensures that graduates acquire the creative confidence to thrive and lead in contemporary businesses which need a creative approach as much the traditional analytical and coordination skills we associate with effective administrators.

India’s first integrated School of Business Design (SOBD)  

SOIL's School of Business Design is a bold and radical initiative that reimagines management education in India.

Representatives from over thirty companies from diverse sectors, service providers and their customers and students have collaborated to build a one-of-a-kind experiential curriculum that blends design and management for the first time in India. 

SOBD’s vision is to nurture creative Business Design Leaders for the new world of business. These leaders will be ‘aware’ of the true needs of multiple stakeholders, ‘care’ for their requirements, and ‘dare’ to take on complex problems, source creativity and inspiration through ‘radical collaboration’ and develop products and solutions that are sustainable - the essence of Design Thinking or human-centric innovation.

SOBD will build upon the legacy of the School of inspired leadership (SOIL) that has the vision of building leaders with character, competence and enthusiasm. Over the last nine years, SOIL has emerged as one of the most innovative and admired management institutions for experienced professionals in India. It is proud to have created an outstanding ecosystem comprising of international academic partners from across the world, robust executive coaching programs, relationships with over 300 domestic and international recruiters and 1000 strong alumni network of social and business entrepreneurs and professionals who have graduated from its flagship one-year, postgraduate program.

SOBD will offer a two-year, AICTE approved PGDM program in Business Design.

* The institution would apply for the AICTE approval process. We would be AICTE approved before the commencement of the program