Global Dual Degree for Post Graduate Programs

You now have the opportunity to accentuate your SOIL experience with a global experience and also be entitled to a Master’s degree.
MIP, Politecnico di Milano, is well known across the globe for its Design Thinking, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship related courses. MIP and SOIL have associated to offer a Joint Degree Program that entitles the students to receive a masters” degree from this world renowned school of management, in addition to the great learning experience and the international exposure to the latest learning methodologies as well as the corporate

Our University Master Degree program provides the opportunity to our one year PGP students to study for 8 weeks at MIP, Politecnico di Milano, Italy, a world renowned B-School featuring in the TOP 40 global ranking of Colleges and earn the Master’s Degree from MIP, Italy . The students opting for the Program will complete 10 months of their program at SOIL and pursue 8 weeks at MIP Italy.

University Master Degree opportunity can be availed by the SOIL PG students by paying an additional fee. The students availing this option will need to study for 10 months at SOIL and 8 weeks at MIP Italy and this will entitle these students to get the requisite masters” degree from Politecnico di Milano.
– The SOIL course fees will be paid as per the regular terms of payment.
– MIP has agreed to charge a concessional fees of 4,500 euros from our students on account of our long standing relationship with them. The additional cost to the students is therefore 4,500 euros, plus 2,000 euros (approximately) for travel and stay (for about 8 weeks) in Italy. The 4,500 euros fees will have to be paid directly to MIP at the start of the program in April 2016.

Please find the MOU signed document here.