SOIL offers One-Year Full Time Post Graduate Program Options for experienced professionals.

These full time programs are designed for one year keeping in mind your aspiration of developing a better understanding of the world of business and the need to get back quickly to the corporate world. In this one year you learn from varied enriching experiences including world class faculty, classmates from diverse backgrounds, non-profit social innovation immersions, industry study missions and company internships with over 100 leading corporate organizations in India. Your classroom experiences are entwined with many opportunities for practical application.

1. PGPBL – Post Graduate Program in Business Leadership

PGP-BL has been designed to create business leaders who are transformative, lead by example and are role models to others. The PGBLP provides a solid grounding in the major business disciplines and core business skills. A strong focus on practice, experience and industry based learning projects enables SOIL to create an ecosystem where inspired leaders are nurtured to give off their best in the world outside.

2. PGPHRL – Post Graduate Program in Human Resource Leadership

PGP-HRL is focused on developing HR Leaders with a global perspective who are equipped to handle the workload of an HR Manager / professional in various industries and situations. The program allows students to evolve a high level of self- awareness regarding their own leadership style, thus making them better prepared for their new role. This program has been rated by SHRM – the global body of HR leaders – as the most innovative program in business schools in 2013.

3. Global Degree Program with MIP (Politecnico di Milano), Italy

A SOIL Student has an option to go for a global degree with our partner school Politecnico di Milano in Italy. The MIP program aims at training candidates to assume the role of the ‘manager of the future’ who is capable of addressing new and emerging topics including Lean Startup, Luxury & Design, Smart Manufacturing, Big data & Business Analytics and Internet of Things among others. This program is taught jointly in SOIL’s India Campus & MIP’s Italy Campus to enable our students to broaden their perspectives and learn in a Global setting.


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