The Post Graduate Program in HR Leadership (PGPHRL)

The course introduces the fundamental principles of Human Resources and Organizational Behaviour by examining psychological theories that provide insight into human behaviour at work. The program facilitates learning in modern concepts, techniques and practices in the management of human resources and exposes the student to different functional areas of management to enhance their effectiveness.

The SOIL PGPHR program presents an outstanding opportunity to explore the critical areas of human resources management along with a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the key functions of management and business.

The major thrust areas are Human Resource Planning, Talent Management, Performance Management, Learning and Development, Compensation & Benefits, Employer branding, Industrial Relations & Labor Laws. It aims to equip the students with the knowledge and skills required for managing HR in a way that contributes to the development of individuals and organizations.

The program places importance on both theoretical and hands-on learning. Classroom learning is focused not only on theory but on student discussions, case study analysis, presentations, simulations games, assignments, HR lab and action learning projects, which complement the classroom inputs by throwing light on the practical dimension of the profession. The insights that emerge out of such an experience makes students conceptually strong and successful in practice of the profession. Case studies, videos and exercises will be used to provide students with the opportunity to apply theoretical principles to real life organizational issues; to analyze the contributions and limitations of relevant theories; and to draw out the practical implications of the empirical evidence. It also aims to balance knowledge and skills through exercises that help develop skills such as leadership, decision making, enhancing influence and team working.

Graduates of this program are qualified for executive positions in Human Resources Development, Personnel Management, industrial Relations, Labour Welfare and other related areas. The course is ideally suited to those who wish to develop a reasoned and analytical understanding of human behavior in organizations. We will examine human processes, the individual in the organization, group dynamics and influencing others, and organizational processes and practices.

Since the PGP HR Leadership program itself is a specialized program, there are no separate Areas for Concentration. Students are required to choose 14 electives from the courses offered to them.
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The learning design at SOIL is based on the philosophy of knowing, doing and being. This philosophy ensures that the curriculum is not restricted to only knowledge and theory but there are plenty of opportunities and spaces created for applications (internships and projects) and self-reflection and inner work.

The courses are carefully chosen based on feedback from our industry partners. These are fairly well distributed to ensure learning of business perspectives, HR tools and methodologies, HR fundamentals and some advanced HR concepts and practices. The course prepares you for the role of HR business partner. In addition you may also consider roles such as HR Specialists and HR Consulting. The Program is designed for the following learning outcomes:

  1. Relate and engage with different stakeholders as partners in business by displaying HR knowledge in depth and sufficient breadth.
  2. Be a strategic HR leader with a sound understanding of business perspective.
  3. Relate different HR constructs and principles in their application to routine everyday work life.
  4. Execute HR policies, strategies and frameworks as required in the organizational context.
  5. Be an Inspired HR Leader strong on values & contributing to the overall impact of HR in the workplace.

The Post Graduate Program in HR Leadership is an intensive year long program based on the philosophy of blended learning. The learning model of the program combines knowledge of the theory and principles of HR as it has evolved with an understanding of its practical implications through studying different business scenarios. Not only do the faculty bring in their practical understanding of industry to substantiate and enhance theoretical models but business applications are also brought into the classroom through a vast network of successful leaders and entrepreneurs who frequently visit the campus as faculty to interact with the students. This experience blends beautifully with live application projects such as the internship with corporate firms or the consulting assignment with the non-profit sector.

The Broad elements of the learning model are:

  1. Andragogy: A balanced approach is adopted for SOIL’s Post Graduate Program in HR Leadership. This is achieved through intense class room work (lectures, workshops, and quizzes), research (projects, integrated case studies and papers) and practical experience (internships, industry visits, academies and seminars).
  2. Individual Learning Plan: A personalized document that is created during an intensive development center using the Caliper profile coupled with Behavioral interviews, this plan helps maximize your learning potential while at SOIL.
  3. Individual Coaching and Peer Groups: Every student is part of a small study group which is tutored by the faculty of the HR program on a regular basis. This helps the students learn more effectively.

The unique learning experiences also include:

  1. Real World Challenge: A one month internship is a key learning intervention that helps you to experience the world of business from close quarters and experience how the learnings come together in the real world.
  2. Social Innovation: Student will work in teams with NGO’s, one day a week, to make a difference in a social cause that matters to them.
  3. Mentoring: A key development tool that provides you the unique opportunity to be mentored throughout the year by a faculty member as well as by a senior corporate leader.
  4. Appreciative Inquiry: A transformational week-long program conducted in the foothills of Dharamshala that sensitizes you to a different approach to consulting – churning the positives.
  5. Ethical Dilemmas: A 5 day theatre program with the nation’s best theatre teachers to address and strengthen your own value system through powerful drama techniques.

Learning Map

You can download the PGP- HR Leadership One-Year Learning Map here

The Post Graduate Program in HR Leadership has over the years evolved to provide some very unique learning opportunities that you would not find even in some of the best schools across the world! These include

  1. Consulting Assignments: Students have in the past benefitted by working along with the Consulting team at SOIL on live projects that have considerably enhanced their understanding of the practical side of HR. An example is the practical use of LSIP or Large Scale Interactive Processes in a project for the Planning Commission that was looking at ways of reducing malnutrition in India.
  2. HR Lab: This unique real time simulation pits your knowledge and understanding of HR concepts against other teams through various business scenarios. You learn about the time impact of decision making and choosing the optimal practical solution as against the ‘theoretically best’ solution.
  3. State of the art curriculum that includes teaching HR Analytics, Competency Mapping, Transformational IR etc. from some of the best practitioners of the art in India.

Faculty is at the core of SOIL’s strength. An eclectic mix of internationally renowned faculty, experienced consultants and Indian academicians help create a transformational learning experience that is contemporary and comprehensive. Above all, the faculty are also mentors to you to guide you through the one year at SOIL and often continue to do so post the program as well. It is no surprise then that our students and alumni share an emotional bond with the faculty.

Download: Faculty Directory

Curriculum at SOIL is based on the philosophy of knowing, being and doing. This philosophy ensures that the curriculum is not restricted to only knowledge and theory, but is practiced and applied and linked to way of thinking and being. The courses are carefully chosen based on feedback from our consortia partners as well industry practitioners. Specially designed to groom HR professionals, the curriculum is fast paced, promotes enquiry and thinking and allows for comprehensive understanding of the subjects.

Core Courses:


















Each year SOIL attracts experienced students from varied backgrounds who enrich the peer experience. Our students have always called out the contribution of the SOIL peer group as one of the key catalyst for learning professional, cultural and interpersonal nuances of business and communication.

Working professionals with over 2 years of work experience who are keen to progress in their professional trajectory are ideal candidates for this program.



We believe in statistics when it comes to student delight and the HR Leadership Program is consistently rated high on faculty, course and learning by our students. The overall satisfaction of our students on the learning experience is rated at 4.24 on a scale of 5.

The memories of first week are still fresh in my memory. We started our day by offering prayers, like I did during my school days. The most outstanding event was the Development Center which was created on the theme of the “movies”. Without knowing that we were being evaluated, we performed a series of activities such as enacting, writing scripts, jingles, pre and post film production activities. I could not believe I had so much creativity within me and even acted on stage for the very first time. In retrospect, I realized that we were actually practicing valuable skills of management such as team building, negotiation, planning, innovation and problem solving.
Surbhi Khanna (Post Graduate Program in HR Leadership, Batch of 2015-16)

The day I entered SOIL, I was overwhelmed by its uniqueness in a way it instills an essence of confidence & enthusiasm through its inspiring ecosystem. Primal objective during the first week was to assess and appreciate an individual’s learning approach and potential. The activities performed helped me realize my strengths and how I could leverage them to prosper in my life. Within the first week, we were exposed to different industry speakers inspiring us, sharing how practicing values nurtures one’s personal and professional life.
Saurabh Chauhan (Post Graduate Program in Business Leadership, Batch of 2015-16)

School of Inspired Leadership partners with niche global business schools with specific focus on design thinking, technology, innovation, sustainability and research. SOIL carefully chooses its international partners to provide its students with a unique international experience.

MIP Politecnico Di Milano, School of Management, Italy

MIP, Italy was created by a collaboration between key Italian companies and one of the most prestigious Italian universities well known for its tradition in excellence in technology and innovationPolitecnico di Milano. In 2003 MIP joined the Department of Management, Economics and Industrial Engineering forming the School of Management of Politecnico diMilano.

MIP & SOIL Masters Degree Program

Students at SOIL, can opt for MIP’s Joint Degree Program to broaden their exposure to global perspectives on management. The Joint Degree Program mandates attending select courses at MIP Italy for two months and the balance courses at SOIL over a period of ten months. On successful completion of the courses, students are entitled to requisite master’s degree from Politecnico di Milano.

Pinchot University, Seattle, USA

Pinchot was founded as Bainbridge Graduate Institute (BGI) in early 2002 to offered the USA’s first MBA in Sustainable Business. The brainchild of Libba Pinchot and Gifford Pinchot III, BGI was the first school to champion this revolutionary approach to business, serving students wishing to integrate social justice and environmental sustainability values into their business education. Pinchot, USA accepts up to five students per Academic Year for two weeks from partner institutions.

UNB University, Canada

One of the top five comprehensive universities in Canada, according to Macleans, UNB has more than 12,000 students from more than 100 countries. UNB’s two main campuses are located in Fredericton and Saint John (started in 1964), New Brunswick. UNB University, Canada accepts up to three students per Academic Year two weeks from partner institutions.

Mountbatten Institute’s international Analyst Internship

The Mountbatten Institute’s international Analyst Internship is a highly competitive program. It collaborates with Fortune 50 companies in New York or London to offer a unique way of linking international workplace practice with business theory, combining paid, full-time internships with a British post-graduate qualification. SOIL graduates have the opportunity to apply for Mountbatten Institute’s paid international internships in New York or London, and earn Mountbatten’s PG Certificate program fees. (Program fees extra).

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