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HR analytics course

HR Analytics is one field which promises huge potential during the coming years. The time has passed when HR was considered a support function in an organisation. Now HR Analytics is venturing into business partnering opportunities and aligning HR matrices with the strategic business goals. It provides HR with a common language for expressing problems related to talent in a manner that is quantitative.
HR Analytics is a relatively new domain which various business schools has started to teach. There have been courses on data analytics, marketing analytics, finance analytics and others but, the field of HR analytics course hasn’t been explored as much as it should have been. As of now, the interest and the propensity to learn about it seems to be increasing. At SOIL, the HR analytics course was taught to the students of the Human Resource Leadership Program as a flagship hr specialization course that helped us gain more insights into the importance of its application in the industry.
HR Analytics is the application of data gathering and business analytics methods in human resource processes. Its goal is to provide organizations with insights for managing employees effectively so that the achievement of business goals is more efficient. The main challenge of the hr analytics certification is to gain as much knowledge to become capable of identifying the most relevant and significant data and learn how it should be used to predict competencies so that organizations get the maximum return on investments in human capital. Analytics in HR can be applied to a lot of processes and procedures which are run by conventional methods: recruitment, sales performance, health and safety, employee retention and predicting the gap in leadership and talent.
We provide HR Analytics Courses as part of our Business Analytics Course (PGPBA). Throughout the duration of the course, we get to understand measures and metrics, and use analytics as a tool to analyse HR actions and its impact. Later, we looked at research methodologies in HR to understand the science and art of surveys and other instruments that support HR action. Lastly, we get to learn about Descriptive and Prescriptive Analytics in the Predictive Analytics Course and its application in shaping decision making through impact analysis.