Key Elements of the Program
  • One-on-one Coaching 
    An industry veteran facilitates personalized coaching for every participant. The coach works with the individual and helps her/him create and work on her/his individual development plan to enable PERSONAL TRANSFORMATION.
  • Action Learning Project
    Each participant works on a project to SOLVE A REAL-TIME ORGANIZATION PROBLEM which enables her/him to IMPLEMENT CLASSROOM LEARNING. The project is identified jointly by the participant and his supervisor in consultation with the program faculty.
  • Holistic Classroom Learning
    Courses such as Leading Self, Building the Employer Brand, Leveraging Diversity and Inclusion, Building a Culture of Coaching and Mentoring etc. builds HOLISTIC MINDSET of the participants.
  • Leadership Series
    This is a special part of the program for participants to interact with and learn from senior industry leaders to ensure REAL TIME EXPERIENCE SHARING, learning and networking.