Caliper is a global Human Resource Consulting company, founded in 1961, headquartered in Princeton, USA, with offices throughout the America, Europe and Asia. The Caliper Profile has been validated by more than forty years of Research and has been successfully employed in more than 28000 companies worldwide, with over 2 million assessments completed. Caliper has worked with some of the world’s largest and most influential companies – BASF, Microsoft, SAP, Johnson & Johnson, Caterpillar and many others – to help them identify and develop potential leaders. The Caliper Profile is the instrument chosen by SOIL to provide us with insights into an individual’s characteristics, potential and motivation, and to develop an objective perspective on an applicant’s strengths and areas for development. The effectiveness of the Caliper Profile stems from the validity and accuracy of the instrument, as well as Caliper’s unequalled database of information about top performers in leadership roles in every part of the world.


MESA is a global Research and knowledge firm that offers a comprehensive menu of services ranging from strategic planning to implementation. Specialists in value creation strategies achieved through breakthrough initiatives and business transformation, the firm works to align management around the strategic plan and also add organizational design, team building and cultural issues- all key elements to an efficient, motivated team. Our partnership with MESA Research provides a unique capability of designing and delivering Global executive education programs across three continents. Principals: Dr Bill Davidson, DBA- Harvard, Former Professor, University of Southern California; Dr. Francois Dupuy, Professor at INSEAD; Cam Danielson – Former Dean of Executive Education, Kelley School of Business, Indiana University. Recent Publications include: How Great Companies Set Outrageous Objectives and Achieve Them (Bill Davidson), 2020 Vision (Stan Davis & Bill Davidson), Enterprise Leadership (Bill Davidson).



The business school MIP was created out of a collaboration between key Italian companies and Politecnico di Milano, one of the most prestigious Italian universities, well known for its tradition in excellence in technology and innovation. In 2003 MIP joined the Department of Management, Economics and Industrial Engineering forming the School of Management of Politecnico diMilano.

Since Dec 2009, the School of Management has been included in the FT ratings of top European Business Schools, being the only Italian business school included for three Master degrees: Executive MBA, Fulltime MBA and Master of Science in Management Engineering.

Both institutions will accept up to five students per Academic Year from the other institution, starting in Jan 2012, Students are expected to stay one session of 4 weeks each. There will be no additional tuition fee payable for the Exchange program. The students will need to pay for their own travel & living costs.

Students joining SOIL can now opt for the Joint Degree Program by paying an additional fee. This will entitle them to attend select courses at MIP, Italy for part of the year and the balance courses at SOIL. This will entitle these students to get the requisite masters degree from Politecnico di Milano. Read More



In early 2002, BGI was founded as an alternative to the traditional business school model for students wanting to integrate values about social justice and environmental sustainability into their business education.

They are the first business school to offer an MBA in Sustainability and are ranked in the top 5 sustainable business schools in the US. Their students come from diverse personal and professional backgrounds, including companies like Hewlett Packard, Weyerhaeuser, Starbucks and Microsoft; nonprofit enterprises like Climate Solutions, Global Exchange and The Oregon Natural Step; and government agencies at the local, state and federal levels.

BGI and SOIL will cooperate in efforts to establish and conduct mutually agreed upon cooperative and collaborative projects, programs, and/or activities, which will enhance the programs of each. SOIL will select up to 10 students to participate in an exchange trip to BGI, with the exchange period from Feb through March. There will be no additional tuition fee payable for the Exchange program. The students will need to pay for their own travel & living costs.



One of the top five comprehensive universities in Canada, according to Macleans, UNB has more than 12,000 students from more than 100 countries. As the largest research institution in New Brunswick, UNB conducts 80 per cent of the province’s research. The university has more than 3,500 faculty and staff. UNB’s two main campuses are located in Fredericton and Saint John (started in 1964), New Brunswick.

Both institutions will accept up to three students per Academic Year from the other institution. There will be no additional tuition fee payable for the Exchange program. The students will need to pay for their own travel & living costs.