In a country that is brimming with engineers and medical students, the success ratio of a non-engineer is always belittled. While we aim to create the best students, other countries are excelling in other fields. The recently concluded Olympics is a testament to that, our society judges every commoner on the basis of his educational background. If you’re an engineer or a medical student, well it’s all praises and triumphs for you, if not, then you’re going to rot the rest of your life in a shanty with no access to water, money and humanity. Sarcasm aside, if you are a non-engineer then it’s not the end of the world, a one year MBA degree is within your grasp and you can conveniently excel these engineers in every aspect. Here are some pointers on why non-engineers are the most sought after by Business schools –

  • Out of the box approach

Engineers are but mere mortals confined to a certain pattern of studying while you’ve the creative freedom and can easily think outside the box. From a technical standpoint, businesses are looking for individuals who are nonconformist and can approach a problem with a different perspective. Business schools accentuate that quality by introducing the students to Leadership programs. There are only a few institutes like SOIL, XLRI, ISB and IIMs that offer these 1 year post graduate course in India.

  • Out there to prove a point

The memory of some random aunty from the neighboring building taunting you for not choosing engineering must be still etched to your brain. Also, the several callous stares that your relatives gave upon hearing this unorthodox career path of yours, yeah all that adds fuel to the fire and motivates you to be numero uno in your chosen field. Another crucial reason for business schools to recruit you, they will bombard you with the teachings of executive MBA courses and see you grow colossally in the process.

  • You’re no less than others

An education field in no way defines the success of a person, no way. It’s up to you to go out there and snatch the glory, an MBA degree just sets you on the right path. A non-engineer or an undergrad or whomsoever, all have an equal opportunity to taste success in the future. So go out there, enroll yourself in a 1 year full time MBA in India and let the B schools act as a catalyst to your dreams.

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