Gurgaon: Anyone living in this city knows how dysfunctional it can often appear. And when the rainy season comes around, it almost seems there is no end to the chaos.

But there is a growing community initiative involving all stakeholders, as evidenced by a seminar titled ‘Responsible Citizenry’, where students of a city institute got together with ‘We The People’, an NGO, as well as the local government, civic agencies, residents and city transporters, to debate ways of bringing about a change for the better in Gurgaon.

The seminar was the outcome of a survey conducted by 100 SOIL (School of Inspired Leadership) students over a span of one month, in Sector 44. After speaking to corporate organisations and institutes, the students concluded that women’s safety, sanitation, traffic, broken roads and parking are just some of the major issues faced by those living and working in the area.

Nidhi Tuteja, a SOIL student, revealed that one of the survey’s findings was how the client base of big hospitality hubs in the sector is being negatively affected due to the broken roads. Read More