23 September, 2014 | The Economic Times23_09_2014_008_011_032
Companies whose leaders have a high VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity) capability are 3.5 times more likely than those with a low VUCA capability to have a strong leadership bench. But are Indian CEOs aware of this?
 Do our CEOs possess VUCA skills?
This new VUCA environment is taxing even the most able of leaders who may find their skills growing obsolete. To face newer challenges waiting for them, they would need to develop new skills to manage their responsibilities efficiently. There are certain skills that CEOs today lack to excel in the VUCA world: 1) Far-sightedness and predictability Leaders with a clear vision of where they want their organisations to be in three to five years can better weather volatile environmental changes such as economic downturns or new competition in their markets; 2) Swift decisionmaking it is the ability to communicate across the organisation and move quickly to apply solutions.Are CEOs prepared to face the VUCA world?
Indian leaders are forerunners in low-cost innovation and have a flexible approach. What India is behind on as compared to other countries, is infrastructure and technical preparedness required to manage the challenges of the VUCA world. Also, the changing political scenario will provide enough and more opportunities for the leaders to develop new skills required to grow in the VUCA world.
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