Simon Goland, an academician and facilitator has worked with a diverse range of educational institutions, individuals and organisations including Andersen Consulting, Ausenco, Australian Institute of Management, Australian National University and Brunei Shell Petroleum. Simon, who was in Gurugaon last week as a visiting faculty for the Whole Systems Thinking course at the School of Inspired Leadership (SOIL) gives an overview of what ‘Whole Systems Thinking’ is all about

What is the essence of Whole Systems Thinking?

Holistic thought

Systems Thinking is a management discipline that has a holistic approach towards the constituent parts of a systems, how they are inter-related and how they work within the context of a larger system It involves, habits, tools and concepts to develop an understanding of the components Systems thinking strategies fall under three categories:  visual, listening & speaking, and kinesthetic

Whole Systems Thinking is a management discipline that encourages looking at an organisation as part of a complex network of integrated smaller systems that need to work together to function successfully. Read More