Gurgaon: Students of a city based business school participated in an interactive business forum with leading corporate professional across diverse industries.
The School of Inspired Leadership (SOIL) hosted a day long business forum on the relevance of Social media, Mobility, Analytics and Cloud (SMAC) in the field  of business and the theme was “SMAC – A paradigm shift in doing business.”
Professionals from 32 leading corporate bodies interacted with the students through the concept of Open Space, where both professionals and students could collectively discuss emerging issues through brainstorming under the facilitators who were also experts.
“We are getting an opportunity to learn the art of decision making, evolution of SMAC and its impact on the business model of the enterprises, “said Talita Rose Jacob, a student.
On the other hand, for the professionals it was a unique way of interacting with the students where they could provide the real aspects of business scenario. “This is an interesting platform for the future business leaders to learn different aspects of business models and the way they were evolving with the evolution of SMAC,” said Prithvi Raj, employee, Nielsen.
The experts believed that it was a nice opportunity for students and the professionals to understand the different perspectives. “The discussion was amalgam of both practical and theoretical knowledge of SMAC and a two-way learning process,” said Sumeer Goyal, director, PricewaterhouseCoopers Pvt. Ltd.
The organizers of SMAC also found it an interesting of SMAC also found it an interesting way for future business leaders to learn to indulge into a quality dialogue and build upon their ideas. HTC
Business school students engage in riveting forum at SOIL, Hindustan Times, 7th feb 2015