The challenge which the Prime Minister’s team has accepted is one of generating employment and growth. Needless to say this goes hand- in- hand with attention to higher education. At 0.6% of GDP, the public expenditure on higher education in India is grim when compared to 2.7% in the USA. Given our demographic divide it is imperative that this is increased with a stronger commitment towards quality.
Despite being the third largest higher education system in the world, 70% of our universities or colleges are found to be of average quality by our own standards. With a clear focus on increasing the national GER from the current 18% to 20% in 2020, the government in the previous budget announced 5 more IITs, 4 more AIIMs like medical institutions and several other premier institutions in various fields. While all this may improve the GER, a more real crisis today is a shortage of qualified faculty. Read More