As a college student, I dreamt of India becoming a strong economic and spiritual power and wanted to contribute to that. Through my journey from Tatas and Eicher to the creation of SOIL (School of Inspired Leadership), I always followed a cause which consistently provided the energy to make the impossible, possible.
The first part of my life was about creating role model companies. The second was about helping other companies do the same and the last part has been to work on building next-generation talent through education.  The inspiration behind SOIL comes from the basic idea that India has immense resources but poor leadership. And wherever there is leadership, it is of a singular kind focusing on making money rather than running a business while contributing to improve the country. So instead of blaming all our problems on poor leadership we thought about starting a new program for education which teaches responsible management. Our offerings have a deep commitment to making a difference and turning India into a role model. Read More