School of Inspired Leadership (SOIL), Gurgaon, New Delhi, works on a model of industry consortium. Industry players have come together to set up this school, which is not affiliated to any educational body. Edex in a chat with Anil Sachdev, Founder, SOIL, to understand more.

How does an industry consortium enabled school work?

The industry consortium’s involvement is what makes us who we are. They have been part of our visioning and have helped us through each stage of growth in the past seven years. When we began as a one year MBA program in the Indian context, the recognition was limited among parents and students. However, thanks to years of our consulting work prior to the business school, leading companies lent their name to this institution of excellence. They joined hands with us to literally ‘co-create’ a business school that addresses the needs of corporate India. While the MoU was signed by the MDs or HR Heads, the real partnership extended all the way to middle management as well. Even before we began the school, we had several rounds of discussion with this group of senior leaders to formulate our curriculum and admission process. They lent their wholehearted support to our interview process in selecting every batch of SOIL students and mentored them throughout the year as well to ensure their leadership learning is of the highest quality. We believe that their faith in us and their experience has enriched our very existence. Read More