Upon completing this course, the participants will:

  • Be able to practically use the concept of eCRM in their job – be it in customer acquisition, engagement or retention
  • Be able to use online software tools to perform tasks related to customer relationship management

This workshop based course aims to provide a simple actionable framework for customer relationship management. This is intended to help in building and nurturing the sales funnel in a practical way using new age tools.

This is a programme specially designed for mid to senior level working executives of large, medium and small enterprises including self-employed entrepreneurs. Prior knowledge and exposure to eCRM or any web based marketing tools or techniques is not essential. However, executives who are responsible for funnel growth and nurturing in their present job, will benefit from this.


• Introduction, expectation setting

• Team Formation

• Sales and Marketing Theory review
- Identifying the customer
- Funnel and Pipeline

• Case distribution and explanation

• Group Activity – Customer Identification

• Group Presentations

• Introduction to CRM Tool

• Review of work done so far

• Sales and Marketing Theory review
- “Promotion” and “Place”
- Segmenting and Targeting
- Messaging

• Group Presentations

• Sales and Marketing Theory Review
- Drip Marketing
- Setting up for Drip Marketing

• Group activity on Middle-Stage Customers

• Group Ppresentations

• Sales and Marketing Theory Review
- Impact of currencies on Business
- Simple Analytics Tools- Review

• Group Activity on Late Stage Customers
- Group Presentations

• Identifying the Target Customer Persona
- Group Activity
- Group Presentations

• Conclusion and Closing Comments and Feedback Session.

Anindya Chatterjee
Anindya Chatterjee is the CEO of Saleswah CRM- a software product startup.

Anindya has worked across Asia in sales and marketing roles in high technology. He worked in scoping and deployment of a CRM solution first in India and then across Asia and then spent another 3 years using the product in various Asia wide roles in Sales and Marketing management. Anindya acquired a ringside and even a firsthand view why CRM has a low adoption rate among all the enterprise tools that companies buy. He rolled out the Asia wide e-Newsletter, was among the pioneers in database marketing and helped drive customer subscription and adoption.

He is interested in CRM and e-marketing and the reality of having to produce results working with different stakeholders, with common business objectives but often conflicting business metrics.

Anindya holds a B.TECH in Electronics Engineering from IIT-BHU and a PGDM from IIM Calcutta.

For any queries please contact: monsoonschool@soilindia.net