There are certain rumors surrounding MBA studies and the most prominent one is of the ‘5 hour slumber’. It is “widely” believed that an MBA grad only sleeps for 5 hours and the remaining 19 hours are utilized to prepare for presentations, studies and what not. To be brutally honest, no human can survive with only 4-5 hours of sleep for months together, your body can’t sustain for long and rest is imperative. So, why the popularity of such a rumor? Is the one year MBA in India that strenuous? Are MBA grads super human? Do they gulp a magic potion daily to overpower one of the most basic needs of a human body? The answer is pretty obvious, NO and here’s a peak behind the scenes showcasing the reality –

  • Only during exams

Yes, they do sleep for 4-5 hours but only for a week or so during the examination period, a method used by most of the students irrespective of the educational field. As a MBA degree is highly advertised and promoted one, this “5 hour” rumor spread like wild fire.

  • Time Management

Now there are some grueling competitors who enroll in the executive MBA courses. They want to excel in everything, academics, sports and be the biggest party animal, for them 14-16 hours in a day is not enough. So they manage their time accordingly and also allocate time for sleep. You will find a lot of such students in ‘Leadership program’. A one year executive MBA in India that molds a leader in only a year, educational institutions like XLRI, ISB, SOIL and IIMs offer this course.

  • Exaggeration

It’s said that a rumor is started by two stupid people trying to while away their time and in this case it’s true. Just to show how hard you work for an MBA degree such rumors start taking shape, yes, it’s true that during examinations and preparing for presentations students do sleep less, but that’s not the case every time. No matter which exam you’re pursuing, less sleep for months together will eventually result in your downfall. So be stress free, sleep well and rather manage time smartly, this will open up a plethora of opportunities for you.

Seeking for an MBA degree with Leadership program? Try ISB of Hyderabad or the one year MBA in Delhi offered by SOIL, these educational institutions don’t disappoint and are also not that strenuous, which means you get to sleep for more than 4-5 hours, 7-8 hours perhaps?

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