The trend of doing an MBA in one year is rising in popularity in India for many good reasons; including value for money and the convenience of fast learning. People increasingly feel pressured for time these days.

In a bid to cater to professionals who do not have time to dedicate two years of their professional careers to earn an MBA in one year, a lot of business schools have now started offering one year MBA or full time MBA programs.

Why MBA Applicants opt for MBA in one year in India ?

One year MBA programs are fast paced. The course helps students analyze situations rather quickly, think faster, and apply their skills to real life situations. Students combine their experiences with industry expertise and the fundamentals of management learnt over the year to such situations.

A one year MBA in India is an ideal program to opt for before returning to the corporate world. In general, an MBA in one year can cost anything between Rs 700,000 and Rs 2,500,000 depending on the school.

There are less career interruptions for MBA aspirants as a lot of companies today encourage promising employees to prepare for leadership roles. One year MBA programs offers quite a few benefits over the two-year model due to the savings in time and opportunity costs.

Benefits of pursuing an MBA in one year -

1) Practical Approach

As opposed to the two-year program, where individuals without significant work experience may also apply, prior experience of at least 5 years is required to apply for an MBA in one year.  This obviously makes the need for introducing the candidates to certain theoretical business concepts redundant. The program, therefore, focuses on a more practical and reality-based approach. Candidates learn to deal with real business situations related to marketing, finance, and human resources.

2) Diverse Business Models

Veering away from theory allows the curriculum to focus on a diverse range of business models. Candidates opting for an MBA in one year in India gain from the in-depth analysis of complex, real-life problems. This is highly beneficial in enhancing versatility and developing leadership skills.

3) Interaction with seasoned professionals

Due to the greater focus on practical learning, the course often requires guidance from entrepreneurs and experienced executives. In addition, the one year PG Program class itself includes several experienced professionals. This facilitates a highly productive environment, with excellent business exposure to candidates.

4) Specialized careers after MBA in one year

With a rigorous course structure, a one year MBA in India permits you to pave the path for a specialized career in the field of your choosing. You can direct your focus towards your professional interests, developing a skill-set specific to that area.

5) Global Exposure through an MBA in one year

With a more dynamic curriculum, the one-year program is a great way to gain insight into the global business scenario. Most institutes also offer international exchange programs through tie-ups with major overseas universities. These exchange programs work well with professionals who look for global opportunities & are ready to explore various aspects of business management worldwide.

MBA in One Year by SOIL -

These days, professionals are looking forward to obtain a management qualification that would add a competitive edge to their resumes and help them move up the professional ladder. If your academic record is impressive, you can easily take a pick from any of the top B-schools within the country. In fact, you can also enrol yourself for a one-year course at local business school, SOIL (School of Inspired Leadership).

This is the most ideal program for those who do not want to spend two years studying for an MBA and instead can pursue the same MBA in one year. This is indeed value for money as you’re not paying extra for an additional year, yet the course curriculum is the same.

So, people who want to take up one year MBA but do not have the time or the inclination to do a two year can opt for an extensive, one year MBA program. The curriculum remains the same, only shorter.

The MBA course has been specifically designed to meet the needs of business and industry. If one can get the same value in one year, then why not go for it.

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