MBA programs, because of their rigorous nature and competitive classroom culture, are considered essential with respect to building a career in business management. They are sought after not just by undergraduate students but also working professionals who wish to further their learning.An executive MBA is different from a part-time MBA in that it involves an enhancement of leadership skills for working professionals.The increasing popularity of executive MBA in India can be attributed to the value they add to one’s CV and the following benefits:

1. Increasing potential

At a time when young professionals are making their way to the top of the food chain at a fast rate, senior professionals who possess ample experience but lack specialization in terms of education could lose out.

By pursuing an executive MBA course, you could make yourself an asset for your company with a more advanced and up-to-date skill set. Most companies are very supportive when executives take up an initiative to learn, and some will even help with funding it in part or full.

2. A different kind of learning

There is no age at which learning should stop, especially with respect to a subject such as business.

An executive MBA in Delhi and other cities in India offers practical knowledge rather than lessons in the basics of business because, unlike graduates, working professionals are already familiar with key business concepts.

3. Better positions and pay

An executive MBA can act as a ‘top-up’ to your previous degree because it is oriented towards leadership and team-building skills. This will allow you to take on more senior positions at work and enhance your eligibility for promotion.Since it is also an addition to your academic achievements, it also increases your chances of getting a higher salary.

4. Time efficiency

Because the course duration of an executive MBA is shorter than that of a full-time MBA, it helps you to balance your work and study spheres, as well as your family life.Apart from the added benefit of going back to college and reliving your student life, an executive MBA is very valuable to the process of achieving your full potential than a one year MBA degree.

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