How would you assess whether your accumulated learning translates into superior business decisions? SOIL’s Executive Education programs are meant for Leaders & Business Managers who have an ongoing need to learn, thus enabling them to explore, to experiment and practice before taking new leadership and management fundamentals to their workplace.

Shaping Minds

We, at SOIL, have built, and are offering Leadership Programs that help you build leadership, develop talent, gain expertise and accelerate your learning. The SOIL advantage lies in shaping minds, and participants are required to have a learning, leading and living mind.

Learning Mind

A learning mind is innovative, open to divergent views and capable of self critique. It has a fertile mindset and the playful will to dig deeper and discover multiple truths. A learning mind has the intellectual courage to hold many seemingly contradictory views and possesses a childlike curiosity. An active recipient of knowledge.

Leading Mind

A leading mind is envisioning and can think ahead into the future and carves out win-win solutions. A leading mind is service oriented, cares for the community and breathes sustainability by challenging the status quo. A change master.

Living Mind

A living mind innovates, creates, starts and sustains projects with enthusiasm. A living mind is guided by and guides through evergreen valuable principles, stands upright in the face of odds and believes in actively voicing constructive feedback. An enthusiast.

Program Content

Topics ranging from global strategy, innovation and change management, leadership, coaching and mentoring, brand management and strategic growth are included in our bouquet of offerings.


SOIL Executive Education programs are taught by  faculty  who are skilled educators, advisers, consultants, directors of companies across the globe, ground breaking researchers and award-winning authors.

The faculty coming to teach the SOIL executive education modules leverage their field-based research and business expertise resulting in creation of knowledge resources that shape the practice of management. This exposure furthers the integration of knowledge and experience that enables participants to develop breakthrough visions—visions that can ultimately help drive the success of their organizations.

Overall, the executive programs by SOIL are simply one year PGP courses that involve building of leadership qualities among professionals to match up to the current industry standards.