Coaching Legacy of Soil

Soil is a unit of Grow Talent Company Limited. It was founded in 2001 and rapidly grew to be the leader in Strategic HR Consulting. We did pioneering work in leadership development.

As a critical part of this domain, between 2001 and 2008, Grow Talent shaped a successful coaching practice creating a coaching mindset, facilitating people’s growth and making coaching part of the strategic agenda in corporate India. We did a large number of coaching interventions in global and Indian companies, provided coach training to more than 1000 leaders and delivered executive coaching services to their companies. Over 35 leaders in significant senior roles in Multinationals and large Indian Conglomerates today have undergone coaching certification with Grow Talent and they have enabled the development of hundreds of leaders in different geographies.

Building on the outstanding legacy of Grow Talent, Soil is relaunching its coaching services. Being an academic institution, an executive education and consulting organization, our focus is on research and academic rigor and the logical first step in launching the coaching offering was to create a world class education stream for coaching. In order to do this, we chose Royal Roads University, Victoria, Canada to be our strategic partner as the values and teaching principles of RRU have a distinct alignment with those of ours. We decided to bring their Executive coaching certification to India.

We are pleased to announce that the first cohort of the executive coaching certification will start on 16th October 2017 and will be facilitated by Royal Roads University faculty. In the subsequent cohorts, we will run the program with a mix of local and global faculty.

The vision is to establish a complete coaching practice that enables leaders to become coaches so that their organizations and people realize their full potential.

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Royal Roads University


Royal Roads University (RRU) is a special-purpose public university that delivers high-quality applied and professional programs.

It got established by the provincial government in 1995 through the Royal Roads University Act, RRU was created with a unique mandate and governance structure to respond to the labor market needs of British Columbia. It delivers high quality programs designed specifically for aspiring and experienced professionals who want to advance in the workplace.

RRU campus has been spread out in 565 acre campus, located in one of Canada’s most beautiful National Historic Sites. 70% of RRU students are pursuing graduate degrees which is the highest percentage of any university in Canada. It has 400 full and part-time faculties with 23,000+ alumni from over 60 countries.

SOIL and RRU Collaboration

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School of Inspired Leadership (SOIL) is pleased to bring ICF accredited Executive Coaching certification to India in partnership with Royal Roads University, Canada. Soil has established a deep connection with RRU in their values and teaching methodology.

RRU’s foundation of ‘Five pillars of Learning’ (Learning to know, learning to do, learning to live together, learning to be, learn to transform oneself and society) ties in well with the ‘Five pillars of Inspired Leadership’ (Mindfulness, Diversity, Ethics, Compassion and Sustainability).

The Social Constructivist framework of RRU aligns well with the ‘Social Innovation Program’ of SOIL to assist NGOs. Both the institutes have a firm belief to apply their theoretical concepts, work in teams, and learn what it takes to be innovative to create inspiring leaders who work for the upliftment of society and make the world a better place.



 Marc Bowles

 Associate Faculty


Marc Bowles is a professional certified coach and principal of Marc Bowles Executive Coaching based in Penticton. He is a former educator with more than 25 years’ experience in coaching and leadership development at the corporate, non-profit and international level in sport and business. In 2015 Bowles’ facilitated a coach approach to 152 non-profit leaders in 45 countries and more than 40 non-profit NGO’s. Bowles holds a Professional Certified Coach credential from the International Coach Federation, a Bachelor of Education from the University of Victoria (2000) and a Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching from Royal Roads University (2004). He has also completed the Professional Mentor Coach program at Royal Roads University (2015) and is a graduate of the National Coaching Institute for High Performance Sport (1988). Bowles is licensed to facilitate the Emotions and Behaviours in the Workplace Assessment and 5-5-5 Coaching Out of The Box.

His mantra: When we defy the ordinary, we can challenge ourselves, our assumptions, behaviours and invent new behaviours and ways of thinking.



 Dave Busse

 Associate Faculty


Busse is a founding partner with Essential Impact – Systems for Coaching Cultures. He has experience for 25 years in Emergency Medical Services directing and designing emergency health-care learning systems for national organizations include the Canadian Military, Beijing Olympics and Abu Dhabi. Busse holds an MBA from Royal Roads and a BA in Adult Education from the University of Alberta. He completed the Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching from Royal Roads and is a Professional Certified Coach through the International Coach Federation. Busse holds a Provincial Instructor Diploma from Vancouver Community College, and has completed Emergency Medical Assistant Paramedic Training through the Justice Institute of B.C. He was a team coach for three ICF Prism Awards and the lead coach for a Coaching for Charity Award.


 Marjorie (Marj) Busse

 Associate Faculty

With many decades of business experience and 18 years as an executive business coach, Marjorie Busse has expertise in developing successful leaders. For the last 16 years, she has been a lead faculty member in the ICF-accredited Certified Executive Coaching program at Royal Roads University. Prior to RRU, she has taught at the Justice Institute of BC’s Centre for Conflict Resolution (1996-2010); the Justice Institute of BC’s Health Science Centre (1986-2002) and worked for the Canadian Red Cross, Heart and Stroke Foundation (1987-2007). Busse holds a Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching from Royal Roads University (2001), a Certificate in Conflict Resolution from the Justice Institute of British Columbia (1996) and is a Master Certified Coach through the International Coach Federation. Awards that have highlighted Busse’s career include the Global ICF PRISM Coaching Award (2015), the Kelly Award for Excellence in Teaching (Team) from Royal Roads University (2015) and the Gibson Award for Extraordinary Teaching 2014 from the Royal Roads University’s Centre for Coaching.


 Jan Carley

 Associate Faculty


Jan Carley is a Professional Certified Executive Coach and CEO of Creative Coaching Group based in Vancouver, B.C. She has more than 25 years’ experience working in senior management in the professional non-profit world of the performing arts. She has established an important niche globally as the “Inner Coach of Barbershop”, where she has coached dozens of internationally competitive a cappella choruses, their leadership teams and thousands of singers worldwide to shift and expand their operating cultures and mindsets to ones of positivity, possibility and excellence as they prepare for the pressured demands of international singing competitions. Carley holds a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) credential from the International Coach Federation. She completed the Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching at Royal Roads University in 2006 and also holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Theatre from Queen’s University. She is a certified facilitator of the Strength Deployment Inventory ®, a tool for improving communication and relationship effectiveness and managing and reducing the costs of conflict.


 Carollyne Conlinn

 Associate Faculty


With two master’s degrees and more than 20 years’ experience as a corporate executive Carollyne Conlinn is considered a leader among corporate trainers and coaches. She inspires others with her personal story of transition from executive to executive coach, published in the anthology, Roadmap to Success. Conlinn is a founding partner with Essential Impact, a coaching firm which integrates business savvy with tools for organizational excellence. She is the original designer of the Excelerator Coaching Program which she presents this unique training program within organizations jointly with her Essential Impact partners, and as part of the core curriculum for RRU’s Certificate in Executive Coaching. Her coaching clients include leaders and their teams from a wide range of industries including financial services, public service, telecommunications, manufacturing and retail. Conlinn holds an MBA from Simon Fraser University and a Master in Public Health from Loma Linda University. She is a certified business coach and master certified coach (MCC) by the International Coach Federation. She was awarded Canadian Coach of the Year in 2008-09, and won the 2005 Vancouver ICF PRISM Award supporter of University of British Columbia and with her partners, won the 2011 Global ICF PRISM Award as the Company supporter of JOEY Restaurant Group.


 Lesley-Ann Marriott

 Associate Faculty


Lesley-Ann Marriott is a Certified Executive Coach who holds the advanced credential of Professional Certified Coach.  Marriott has more than 25 years of leadership and management experience of working with executive directors, board leaders, vice-presidents, CEO/CFOs and business owners. As principal with Marriott Management Group, Marriott has facilitated hundreds of corporate partnerships at the most senior levels of the world’s largest food companies – Coca-Cola, Procter & Gamble, and Nestle. She is also a faculty member of the Chartered Professional Accountants of BC’s premium Executive Leadership Program for Controllers & CFO’s, and provides leadership development for APEG-BC’s Professional Engineers. Marriott holds a diploma in marketing from the British Columbia Institute of Technology and a CEC Master’s Certificate in Executive Coaching from Royal Roads University. She is a certified SDI®- Strength Deployment Inventory facilitator and has completed advanced training in the Professional Mentor Coaching program.


 Dianne McCoy

 Associate Faculty

McCoy has more than three decades of experience in the public sector that includes leadership and management roles in the areas of administration, human resources and change management. She has been involved in working on international projects in Eastern Europe and in the Middle East. Her client list includes working with leaders in the provincial and federal governments, the not-for-profit sector, telecommunications, electricity, oil and gas and airline sectors. McCoy has a Certificate in Management Studies and a BA in Conflict Resolution from the University of Winnipeg. She has a Certificate in Human Resource Management from the University of Manitoba and she holds a Master of Arts in Leadership and Training and a Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching from Royal Roads University. She has received the designation Professional Certified Coach (PCC) from the International Coach Federation and she is also a certified facilitator for Coaching Out-of-The-Box Coaching Program. She is also trained in using the Strength Deployment Inventory Assessment tool and the Prevue HR Assessment tool.


 Bruce McLeod

 Associate Faculty


McLeod is president of Live Big Coaching where he offers coaching services, and employs a “coach approach” to leadership development and facilitation. He has led sales, operations, strategic planning and human resources functions in regional, national and multinational corporations. He sits as vice chair of the Board of Governors at Loyalist College. McLeod holds a Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching from Royal Roads University. He also holds a bachelor’s degree in law from Carleton University and a Certificate in Adult Education from St. Francis Xavier University. He holds his Professional Certified Coach (PCC) credentials from the International Coach Federation.

His mantra is “Know your purpose. Make it your practice.”


 Scott Richardson

 Associate Faculty


As an executive coaching educator, Richardson’s is one of the founding faculty team that first launched the Executive Coaching Certificate at Royal Roads in 2001. Richardson worked for approximately two decades with the National Energy Board, the vast majority of which was in a leadership or executive capacity. Since then he has accumulated 14 years of experience running his own coaching and consulting business working with emerging, strategic and C-level leaders. His volunteer experience includes four years as CEO of The Alberta TrailNet Society, while they were principally engaged in building the TransCanda Trail, and another six years as chair of The Highlands District Community Association. Richardson holds a BA Sc. in mechanical engineering from the University of Ottawa and a MA in Leadership and Training (now the MA Leadership) from Royal Roads. He also studied coaching for one year with James Flaherty of the New Ventures West School of Coaching in San Francisco.  In 2007, Richardson received that Master Certified Coach designation from the International Coach Federation.


 Martha Sales

 Associate Faculty

Martha Sales is an executive and leadership coach and founder of Achieve Your Mark. Sales’ 20 years as a senior operations leader gives her knowledge of organizational and interpersonal dynamics. Sales holds a Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching from Royal Roads University (CEC), Professional Certified Coach (PCC) designation from the International Coaching Federation, a Certificate in Human Resources from Ryerson University, and a B.A. from Queen’s University. She is a Certified Facilitator of Relationship Awareness Theory (Strength Deployment Inventory) and Legacy Leadership.

Teaching Philosophy

Royal Roads University faculty members have valuable insights and opinions from their fields of study to share. They speak a language your audience can relate to through real-world experiences and practical knowledge. Education at SOIL is driven by its distinguished faculty who have taught and consulted across the world. We recognize that management education is no longer about addressing a hundred bright minds on Marketing and Finance from a podium.

RRU Teaching Philosophy

Key Takeaways & Outcomes

1. Capability building in ICF CORE COMPETENCIES

1.1. Setting the Foundation
a. Meeting Ethical Guidelines and Professional Standards
b. Establishing the Coaching Agreement

1.2. Co-creating the Relationship
a. Establishing Trust and Intimacy with the Client
b. Coaching Presence

1.3. Communicating Effectively
a. Active Listening
b. Powerful Questioning
c. Direct Communication

1.4. Facilitating Learning and Results
a. Creating Awareness
b. Designing Actions
c. Planning and Goal Setting
d. Managing Progress and Accountability

2. Graduates of Executive coaching will receive:
a. Royal Roads University CEC designation: Certified Executive Coach, ICF accredited
b. Transcript from the University
c. Alumni status from Royal Roads University

3. Minimum 40 hours of coaching practice

Program Outcomes

Option to transfer course credits earned (9 credits can be earned on successful completion of the certification) towards select master’s degree programs at Royal Roads University. Upon acceptance to the program, graduates of the Executive Coaching program provide laddering options to transfer credits to:

1. Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies (36 credit degree)
2. Master of Business Administration (52 credit degree)
3. Master of Arts in Tourism Management (36 credit degree)
4. Global Management program (42 credit degree)

Each degree has a 7 year completion window at this time.

Program at a Glance

Who it’s for

The Executive Coaching certification program provides you with the skills, knowledge and practical tools to effectively coach individuals and organizations towards superior performance. Designed for business professionals who already have leadership and management experience, this program is ideal for those who have the energy and passion to become practicing executive coaches, or want to incorporate a coaching culture within their own organization. This six-month program offers you an effective blend of online and on-campus learning, so you can pursue your coaching goals while maintaining your current career.

Program fee: $9,340 CAD*

*75% of the fees will be paid directly to Royal Roads University, 25% will be paid to Soil-this part will incur a 18% service tax as per GST guidelines.

Indian students will pay the same fees as Canadian domestic students. The International tuition fee is $10890 CAD.

When: October 16, 2017 – May 25, 2018

The program begins online (October 16, 2017) and the on-site portions of the program will be offered October 29-November 3, 2017 and May 23-25, 2018.

Where: Blended – Residencies at School of Inspired Leadership (two distance learning courses completed online)

The program is a blended model, with both online and on-site residencies programs.

Program ranges from 6 to 7 Months

  • 6 day residency (mandatory)
  • 24 weeks distance learning (mandatory)
  • 3 day residency (mandatory)

The program requires an intensive 15 hours of involvement, all within the supportive presence of the triad, team, cohort and constitutes of:

  • Reading and learning about coaching
  • Observing expert coaches
  • Practicing with classmates
  • Sharing experiences
  • Coaching clients
  • Receiving feedback on coaching
  • Reflective practice

Program Curriculum

As a leader or future trailblazer in your industry, you are looking for opportunities to improve your leadership skills and impact, develop effective planning tools and techniques, and gain the accreditation you need. Executive Education in Coaching provides you with professional learning opportunities that are structured with considerable thought and research into a curriculum that can help you move ahead in your career.

1. Best practices in Executive Coaching
Provides relevant theory as well as significant opportunity to apply practically in the development of exemplary coaching skills in a variety of professional contexts. Blending an online introduction to the graduate certificate in executive coaching with a six-day intensive residency period and a final three-day capstone that brings closure to the certificate program, will provide the framework for a coach approach combining both practical tools and application of key coaching principles.

2. Foundations of Executive Coaching
Coaching is grounded in the language of creation, commitment and possibility along with the need to understand the forces that aid and impede accomplishment. Students build on the work offered at the residency and further develop their understanding and appreciation of both the power of language and several key domains of personal and professional development. Students develop coaching skills and form personal and professional foundations for their executive coaching practice.

3. Executive Coaching in Organizations
Investigates organizations from a systems perspective and examines the role of executive coaching to support learning. Participants will view the organization from differing perspectives to develop and understand the organization’s corporate context. This understanding will assist the discovery of underlying behaviors to support achievement and highlight processes and systems to manage progress and accountability in both themselves and others.

Some of the topics to be discussed:

  • Speaking, Listening & Powerful Questioning
  • Language of Coaching, Observations & Feedback
  • Assessments in Executive Coaching
  • Ethical Guidelines and Professional Standards
  • Coaching Issues in Organizations
  • Understanding the Executive World: Systems & Interrelationships
  • Leadership Coaching in Organizations
  • Establishing a Coaching Culture

Access the online application form

  • Create an account by choosing “RRU MyAdmin Account” as “Agency”
  • Enter Institutional Partner/Agency Code as “20006089”
  • In the Credential Evaluation section, Choose “Submit a $116 credential evaluation...”

  • Choose “Authorization Code” and enter “APPWVIN” (This fee will be waived for Soil)

    Applicant will receive an email acknowledgement for successful submission of application.

  • Applicant submits scanned copies of official transcripts, personal statement, letters of reference and resume to RRU admissions team
  • Applicant receives an email confirmation on completion of application
  • Post credential validation and assessment, applicant receives an email with “Conditional Offer*"
  • Duly signed acceptance letter needs to be sent as a scanned copy to the RRU admissions team

  • *Conditional offer will be finalized after submission of official documents and fees of the program. Official documents need to be sent via post to the admission team in a sealed envelope.

    Application assessment will take approximately 2 weeks.

  • Post acceptance of offer from applicant, he/she receives an email with fees payment details
  • Post receipt of fees, applicant will receive an email with details of registration for the program
  • Testimonials


    Janis Hutton

    Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching (2016)

    “I was told by someone working as a full-time coach that Royal Roads University was the ‘place to be’ for training in the field; RRU has a solid reputation in this unregulated profession, which will help me develop credibility while building a practice. The RRU experience was intimate and personal from the get-go.  The program structure played a large part in the building of our cohort and team-coaching communities. The wide variety of ages, backgrounds, and experience made for rewarding discussion forums and networking opportunities. I learned as much from others on my team/triad/cohort as I did from the actual course deliverable. The Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching at Royal Roads University has reignited my desire to create and dream again. This course has succeeded in providing the impetus I needed to get moving again, and will serve me well no matter where work or life takes me next.”

    Domenico Iannidinardo

    Master of Business Administration in Executive Management (2009)

    “The Master of Business Administration in Executive Management program at Royal Roads University enabled me to develop my scientific background in resource management, and provided me with a comprehensive perspective of the global economy. The instructors were greatly varied in experience, culture, and geography, and this provided the sharing of nuanced wisdom that can only come from that level of diversity. They clearly loved RRU and the courses they taught, yet they were not beholden to any particular aspect of it and, as a student, I knew I was learning the real deal. The cohort model, particularly for an MBA degree, emulated the real world of teams functioning across expertise, time, culture, and geography. It was magnificent. Knowing my cohort from our time on campus made the online work efficient and authentic. My RRU education continues to help me in the workplace by grounding me in fundamental theories and giving me the ability to keep learning about the quantitative and qualitative aspects of good, safe, and environmentally sound business practices.”

    Laura Lee Langley

    MA in Leadership (2015)

    “I am committed to lifelong learning and have a passion for leadership, communication, and employee engagement and had been considering a PhD until I discovered the Master of Arts in Leadership at Royal Roads University. The program suited my passion and gave me the opportunity to test myself with other exceptional learners. I was no stranger to Royal Roads, having sponsored a number of employees through the Executive Coaching program and the university’s academic reputation and unique approach to learning made it attractive to me as a learner. After looking at many programs across the country I kept coming back to the leadership program at Royal Roads. It was the right choice. Experiential learning in a cohort of diverse peers with perspectives that supported, challenged and enhanced my learning was a gift that will affect me forever. The instructors were experts in their field and skilled at gently guiding, challenging, and helping us get to learn in our own unique ways. I felt particularly fortunate in all of my courses, online and on campus, to have confident instructors who were clear in their expectations and available to answer questions and enrich my learning.”

    Bevona Bynum

    MA in Leadership Studies (2015)

    “My career began in operations in the retail sector, leading to Human Resources for roughly 20 years. I am currently in a senior Human Resources position, working with the ownership, board of directors, and CEO on strategies to build bridges between the people and operational needs of the business. I chose the MA in Leadership program at Royal Roads University because I am a lifelong learner with the desire to enrich and improve my leadership skills while obtaining knowledge on how to be more effective through organizational change. The cohort learning model was great; it truly added value to my experience and complemented my learning, and was very representative of the business world. The on-campus residency provided immense value to the program and was an essential component of the learning process. Online learning was not new to me, but the delivery format employed by the program was, and I now cannot imagine online learning any other way. As a result of my program, I now think differently and my actions take the entire system into consideration. I am now an effective organized leader with discipline and logic, a clearer vision, and decisive action.”

    School Of Inspired Leadership

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    Sector 44,
    Gurgaon – 122003, India

    Executive Education Admissions Office

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    Program commences 16th October 2017