1. Strategic Organisational Project

Each Organisation that participates in ELBP nominates individuals along with a real-time Project which is of strategic importance; and which is critical to the long term growth and sustenance of the Organisation. The project is the keystone of the program and gets executed through the course of the program. The Project has two objectives:

  • to help individuals apply their multi-pronged learning in a real-time, on-the-job scenario
  • to provide direct and tangible benefit to the organisation

The project execution and monitoring process is rigorous in nature and entails close coordination between the Individual, their Project Sponsor (from within their organisation) and the SOIL Team; and is carried out over multiple reviews through the course of the program.

2. Class Room Sessions (Residential)

Class room sessions are focused around personal and organisational Change Management, Business as a Whole, Leadership Development, Skill Building and Functional Areas (like Marketing, Finance, Strategy etc.); and are held in 6-day sessions, spread over 4 quarters, making a total of 24 days.

Key features of the classroom training include:

  • Content and delivery focus on application, not concepts alone
  • Faculty being veteran practitioners with strong academic credentials, exposure to contemporary research and cross functional industry experience
  • Incorporation of ‘war stories’ – which goes beyond the traditional case study methodology

3. One-on-One Coaching (with Psychometric Testing and Feedback)

Each individual is taken through one-on-one coaching sessions by experienced and certified coaches with proven industry track-records, which provides an opportunity for tremendous personal transformation. There are 3, 90-to-120-minute, coaching sessions for each participant over the duration of the course. This is supported with a Psychometric Test called Caliper, which is administered before the Coaching Sessions commence; and feedback from the individual’s reporting manager:

Caliper is an online Psychometric Test which measures an individual on Parameters like Leadership, Influencing, Managing Relationships, Problem Solving/Decision Making, Interpersonal, Personal Organisation/Time Management and Service/Consulting.

It has been in existence for more than half a century and has helped more than 28,000 companies around the world, with leadership development, succession planning, and organisational change.

Results of the Caliper test form a large part of identification of individual development areas.

  • The Reporting Manager of the Individual is also brought into the picture through a feedback session that takes place before the coaching sessions, in order for the coach to further understand the individuals development needs specifically centered on the work they do in their organisation.
  • The Coach helps the individual discover and leverage their strengths, past experiences and beliefs to deliver superior actions and results. The outcome of the Coaching Intervention is to create long-term sustainable performance.

4. Leadership Series

The Leadership Series is a series of talks by Industry Leaders, that the individuals are taken through, when they are present on Campus for the Class Room Sessions.

Through deep rooted industry networks, SOIL calls upon Industry Leaders (current CEOs/CXOs of large impactful companies, once every module, to come on Campus and address the individuals on their Personal leadership story of how they came about to the Helm of the Organisation that they now steer.

The purpose of the series is to inspire individuals through impactful real life stories; and to help them understand the importance of aspects like team work, excellence, sustenance which are imperative to the growth of the Organisation and the Self.

5. Alumni Services

All Educational Services which are open to the Alumni of the SOIL B-School, are also open to alumni of ELP and other SOIL Open Program Alumni. These services include:

  • SOIL Library Subscription
  • Connect with SOIL Faculty and Experts
  • Alumni Portal for Networking