While there are a multitude of Management Development Programs offered by Consultancies and Business Schools in India, ELP stands out from the rest in the following ways:

a.  Strategic Organisational Project

No other Leadership Development Programme incorporates a Strategic Organisational Project which brings about direct and tangible benefits to the Organisation along with Individual Learning and Development

b.  Multi-Pronged Approach

While many other Programs utilize 2-3 methodologies (like Class Room Sessions, Guest Lectures, Case Studies etc.); no other Program utilizes the breadth of inputs that ELP does (Strategic Organisational Project, Class Room Sessions, One-on-One Coaching, Psychometric Testing, Reporting Manager Feedback, Leadership Series, Alumni Services etc.)

c.  Focus on Application more than on Concept

  • Faculty of ELP are Industry Veteran Practitioners with strong academic credentials & exposure to contemporary research
  • Pedagogy incorporates ‘War Stories’ more than Case Studies
  • Cross Industry Learning

d.  Long Term Intervention

Leadership/Management Development Programmes are typically Short Term interventions ranging from a few days to a few weeks. ELP is a long term intervention spread over the span of 8 months; giving enough time for individuals to imbibe the learning and show tangible results from the learning

e.  Academics-Consulting-Industry Network

SOIL is the only Institution in India which has access to:

  • Academia and the latest in research, through the SOIL B School
  • Stalwart Management Consultants through the SOIL Consultancy
  • Deep Rooted Industry Network owing to the Strong Consulting Background