The 14th week at SOIL comprised of various aspects which makes life and learning at SOIL fun. From “Face your fear” as part of the Self Leadership program to Friendship Day party to conclude the weekend with. But, before we discuss the happenings of the last week we want to take a moment and discuss the beautiful feeling of ‘being free of fears’. Do you recall the last time you wanted to do something but were stung by a sense of unknown fear? We all have those moments where we were intrigued by an idea only to be caught in the middle by an overwhelming sense of fear. The biggest hurdle that has kept us from moving forward towards our goal and efficiently executing our conception of thoughts. What do we do to overcome fear from paralyzing us? How do we move forward to conceive our ideas as action and put it to the best use?

Overcoming fear doesn’t happen instantaneously. It is a gradual process where you take small baby steps to become more assertive over a period of time. This process lets a person grow and expand the possibilities of life. This is a proven theory as we have seen people metamorph themselves over a period of time at SOIL. By the end of this process one really changes into an Inspiring leader.


As part of the Self Leadership course “Face Your Fear” initiative at SOIL people have devoted time in doing activities which helped them deal with their fear and overcome obstacles intruding their ideas from conception to execution. Students were grouped into teams and made to perform with a true spirit in various categories like singing, dancing, role playing and many such activities which helped them overcome fear. They practiced their planned performance over a period of time and performed during the ‘Initiation Day”. Some of the showcases by these teams are; “Salad, Jhaalmudi and Nimbu paani by the cooking team” soothed the taste buds of everyone. The Art and Craft group ideas were enjoyed by all and it brought back the nostalgic childhood memories to each and every person who witnessed that day. Our in-house poets Rahul and Karan recited their soulful poems composed by them for the occasion. The mime act by Sri Kumar was splendid and received a well-deserved standing ovation from Mr. Anil Sachdev and the audience. The event such up for one year MBA students as well as others was a success.


As part of the Friendship Day celebrations at SOIL, the student council took up the initiative of arranging a get-together at one of the coolest clubs in the vicinity for students to blow off their steam after a rigorous first term. The party happened last Saturday at Queens Lounge and students could sleep off their hangovers from the fun. We should mention here that SOILites brought a whole another meaning to the phrase ‘how to party harder?’ we sure know how to study hard and party harder. The party was something which students looked forward to all week which was evident because we witnessed girls evidently discussing about their ensemble all week long with their gal-friends.

Gal friends

As part of the morning circle activity student council organized a ‘Get to know about you’ activity where students get to walk around to their friends with a white paper behind their back and ask for feedbacks. At the end of the activity you get to read them and know yourself in aspects of shortcomings and positivity. It did put a glee in everyone’s face.


The highly expected SOIL Olympics continued this week with winners of various games announced after a rigorous competition between opponents.  Amit Khalia won the Table Tennis – Singles, Shozab/ Abhyuday Table Tennis – Doubles, Amit/ Disha – Mixed Doubles Table Tennis, Parul Bhatis – Women Singles Table Tennis, Parul / Kushboo – Women Doubles Table Tennis,  Danish Akhtar – Pool, Phalguni Panda – Carrom-board, Bala Prashanth – Chess and Suraj / Shivangi – FooseBall. Congratulations to all the winners from the communication and blogging club.

We celebrated Guru Purnima at SOIL. The anniversary celebration of remembering one’s Guru. The event witnessed each and every one at SOIL meditating and hearing the life’s work of Swamy Chinmayananda. It was a blissful start to the week.

The week saw the initiation of the operations and supply chain management course by Mr. Ashutosh Mishra. He has over 15 years of consulting experience in the field of supply chain management. He is an alumnus of IMT Ghaziabad. He has an interesting approach towards life and does various NGO activities during his free time. Corporate Finance 2 midterm exam also was completed. Some of the interesting courses are yet to start in the coming weeks like SIP (Social Innovation Program) which is a highlight of being SOIL where you get to work with a NGO of your choice.May be SOIL is amongst those MBA colleges in Gurgaon or rather in India who believes in an overall development of a candidate & bringign out the best in him.

Things to look out for:

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  • Leadership Series – Tarun Das

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