The School of Inspired Leadership (SOIL) has over 14 years’ experience in HR Consulting and Leadership Development. Having worked with marquee names across various industries, the core group and the team at SOIL bring a rich array of experience, knowledge, strong “academic rigor” and an established track record in consulting.
We bring together some of the finest resources globally for engagements and use our deep understanding of the company ethos, culture and values to deliver meaningful solutions. We have partnered with numerous organizations in their transformation journeys by helping their employees build required competencies in order to raise their game and take their organization to the next level.
SOIL’s core group of thought leaders and SMEs have over 30 years of experience in consulting with a variety of organizations and each is a renowned name in his or her area of expertise.

Organizational Transformation

SOIL follows a unique way of vision creation through the practice of Appreciative Inquiry. We bring together stakeholders across levels of the organization to create a single unified community.
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Leadership Development

SOIL believes that an organization or an individual can succeed by focusing and leveraging their strengths. Our unique process for identifying talent, the Talent Appreciation Process, uses a combination of proven tools and techniques like SOIL Talent Appreciation Test (STAT), 360-degree feedback and competency-based BEIs (Behavioral Event Interviews) and innovative exercises.
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Coaching is an important intervention for talent development, especially for senior and top leaders. Organizations are increasingly adopting executive coaching as a proven tool for leadership development. SOIL’s Executive Coaching program is built and equipped to meet the growing demand of coaches in the industry.
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Leadership Assessment

The ‘SOIL-360 Inspired Leadership Survey’ called SOIL 360 is a survey tool using the popular 360-degree feedback perspective to obtain a “leadership profile” for participants. STAT Profile is a psychometric tool used by over 28,000 companies worldwide. This scientific, in-depth employee personality assessment is validated by nearly 50 years of research and measures over 25 personality traits that relate to job performance. It provides clear, objective information on an individual’s strengths, limitations, motivations and potential.
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Mr. Vivek Tripathi

President – Consulting and Executive Education

Mailto: vivek.tripathi@soilindia.net
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