Talent Appreciation Process

SOIL believes that an organization or an individual can succeed by focusing and leveraging their strengths. Our unique process for identifying talent, the Talent Appreciation Process, uses a combination of proven tools and techniques like STAT, 360 degree feedback and competency based BEIs (Behavioral Event Interviews) and innovative exercises.

The Talent Appreciation Process aims at appreciating and developing the individuals who participate in the process. To overcome the possibility of any bias or error in judgment, each competency is assessed multiple times, by different appreciators and through multiple activities.

The specialized Appreciators, trained to observe behaviors, consistently and methodically assess the participants on the relevant competencies using innovative exercises and behavioral interviews. The entire process is summed up with a detailed report describing the participant’s performance in each activity, score on each competency and ways to leverage his or her strengths areas. To ensure this method is individual centric we create an individual development plan for each participant based on their strengths and development areas.

SOIL has extensively designed and delivered this process for high potential talent and senior & top leaders of various organizations.


Coaching is an important intervention for talent development, especially for senior and top leaders. SOIL has a panel of experienced and certified coaches who provide individual and group coaching services. SOIL’s core groups of thought-leaders are coaches for CEOs and top executives.

High Performance Teams

Building high performance teams and cohesive teams is one of the most critical needs of an organization. We use Patrick Campioni Model to accomplish the task of building high performance teams.

Benefits of a high performing team are:
Value for individuals:

Self-development as an effective leader by identifying the strengths and development areas as an individual and as a team player
An opportunity to understand and appreciate the strengths of the team and its members
An opportunity to create learning and action plans to continue the process of change and working on the development areas even after the intervention

Value for organizations:

Greater synergy in the functional teams by breaking silos and building trust
Higher employee engagement

Some of the tools we use to accomplish this are:
  • Appreciative Inquiry
  • Team Barometer Survey
  • STAT Profile
  • Belbin Profiling

To ensure the results of our workshop are lasting we follow it with an action plan that ensures the teams function in the most effective ways to contribute the maximum not only to their teams but also to the entire organization.

Skill-based workshops

These are short term workshops (typically 1 – 5 days) that cater to specific learning needs of a function or the entire organization. Some of the key skills we cover in this area are:

  • Coaching and mentoring skills
  • Appreciative Inquiry
  • Business Strategy
  • Finance for non-finance
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