For as long as we can remember, organizations have been striving to create work places which enable their people to give their best. In the beginning the focus was on “Job Satisfaction”, then came the emphasis on “Employee Engagement”. In the recent past, the question on every leader’s mind is “How do I create work places in which people are both “happy” and at their best?


The “Well-Being” of people that leads to sustainable happiness on one hand and excellence in performance on the other is the new focus.

The School of Inspired Leadership was set up to pursue this quest by developing leaders with strong character, deep competence and infectious enthusiasm, who would create organizations that are benchmarks in “Happiness and Excellence”.

Our research on “Happiness” is based on leveraging wisdom traditions; and linking them to contemporary practices of achieving new standards of well-being and performance (at individual and organizational levels).




Aspects Which We Measure

The Happiness Survey measures the construct across the five Kosas as mentioned in the model.

  • We believe the drivers of Happiness differ at the Individual and the Organizational Level. Hence, the survey differentiates between these two levels across the five sheaths
  • The survey consists of a total of 42 items which are to be answered on a  Scale of ‘Strongly Disagree’ to ‘Strongly Agree’
  • The survey also has a ‘Lie Scale’ to check for validity of the responses


Our Experience (Caselet) – Creating Happiness Leads to Evolved Individuals and Greater Business Impact

We used our Happiness Model in one of the high scale manufacturing companies of India to create an environment of Happiness and Positivity. Though the company has a successful business model and has relatively satisfied employees and customers, it was the founder’s belief that ‘Total Happiness and Positivity’ in the organization will make people realize their true potential.

The company CEO strongly believed that the key to sustainable organizations and the essence of Indian ethos is the concept of ‘Ananda’ or ‘Happiness and Positivity’, which made it possible for SOIL to implement its model more effectively.

The intervention was spread out over two years for 12 units and for approximately 2000 employees.

As depicted in the graph[1] below, SOIL was able to raise the level of happiness in these two years which has resulted not only into Individuals who have evolved emotionally, spiritually and psychologically by driving out their fears, but has also created larger business impact:

  • Improved performance
  • Lower attrition rate
  • More employee participation and involvement
  • Increased employee commitment to work
  • More creativity and innovation
  • Higher employee morale and satisfaction with the work



[1] For one of the key manufacturing units of the organization.

Our First National Happiness Research- 2016

‘Happy Organizations to Work in’

As an initiative of our SOIL Happiness Practice, we are undertaking a Happiness Research Survey (2016) to identify ‘Happy Organizations to Work in’.

This will involve a community of thirty organizations joining hands with us to do this path breaking work. Each company will receive a detailed report on its current state with recommendations on what they could do to enhance happiness, leading to excellence in their organization.

To express our gratitude to the companies in joining us as our “Research Partners”, we will give them the report without any fee.

Mr. Anil Sachdev






Anil Sachdev is the Founder and CEO of Grow Talent Company Limited and the School of Inspired Leadership-SOIL. Grow Talent was created in July 2000 and became the leader in the strategic HR consulting industry by 2006.It enabled large number of global and local organizations to achieve breakthrough performance by realizing the potential of their people and creating a talent advantage.

In October 2008, Anil and the other co-founders of Grow Talent entered the field of Education by creating SOIL- the School of Inspired Leadership. This innovative School has been co- created by a consortium of 32 leading firms such as Aditya Birla Group, Dr. Reddys, Hindustan Unilever, Infosys, Johnson and Johnson, Maruti Suzuki, Tata Steel, TVS Motors.

Anil began his career with Tata Motors in 1975 after completing his MBA from the University of Pune and joined Eicher in 1978 and worked in HR, operations and TQM. He is the Founder of Eicher Consultancy Services and was its CEO till 2001.

Recognized as a thought leader in leadership development and organizational transformation, Anil has done pioneering work with leading global and local firms. He has spoken at national and global conferences all over the world and has written contributory pieces for leading publications. He has been adjunct Faculty to leading business schools such as Indian School of Business, Kelly School of Business (Indiana University), GMI (Flint Michigan), Antioch University(Seattle), Ohio University and University of New Brunswick, Canada.

Anil has been awarded the Honorary Fellowship of Coaching Foundation India. He has coached more than 50 C-suite level leader globally in the past 10 years. His coaching philosophy is based on the ‘Appreciative Inquiry’ which encourages individuals and groups to realize their gifts and perform at their highest potential.

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