20 01, 2017

HR Leadership Business Program at SOIL


What is a Post-Graduation Program (PGP) degree?

For the people who are confused about a PGP degree, the explanation is quite simple. A PGP degree is offered by educational institutes that are not associated with any university and are autonomous. So esteemed educational institutes that rank among the best in the globe like IIM, SOIL

13 01, 2017

PG program in Business Leadership at SOIL


Management studies are the most popular of all programs among masters’ degrees, when it comes to Indian graduates. The Business leadership program is a one year mba course and is the most sought after programs that is offered by the School of Inspired leadership (SOIL). Needless to say, the employment opportunities that follow are

10 01, 2017

Global Leadership Program by SOIL


The world is changing at a fast pace and national boundaries no longer stand in the way of international trade and commerce. We live in an age where multiple signatories sign off on multimillion dollar projects from conference rooms that are thousands of miles apart. It is truly the age where globalization has become

14 12, 2016

Signs you’re ready for a management role in a company


After completing an MBA you’re all geared up to step in the manager role, but filling in the shoes of a manager is not an easy task. You maybe thorough theoretically but will be lacking sheen practically. It’s not a thing to worry about, as the old saying goes ‘Practice makes a man perfect’.

25 11, 2016

Demand for MBA’s in the market


Going to business school can boost your career prospects, and in many industries having an MBA will give you the edge over competition. A good MBA program can give your career the push that it needs. Each year, more MBAs are added to the workforce, and pursuing the right field is the only way

23 11, 2016

Career Opportunities after MBA in Finance


MBA in Finance is no easy course, think of it as a training for one of the most liable roles in the world.Yes, you will be handling the finances of the business and as everyone knows finances run an enterprice and you will be in charge of that. There are multiple of opportunities for

18 11, 2016

Personal Skills Requirement to pursue MBA in Finance


An MBA is a course pursued by many, but several of the candidates are just forced into it. It maybe parental pressure or you just want to join the bandwagon, whatever the case, an MBA degree is not to be fooled with, it’s a pretty comprehensive and disciplined course and if pursued with dedication

18 10, 2016

MBA: Personal Interview & GD Tips


The 2 monsters that you’ve to battle and triumph prior to getting admission in any business school are the group discussion (GD) and personal interview (PI) round. If you thought preparing for the entrance exam was the worst then you’re highly mistaken. GD and personal interview makes the entrance exam look like cherry pie

18 10, 2016

PGP in Management vs. PGP in Leadership


A lot of young guns out there who desperately want to pursue their post-graduation course are muddled about the field they want to gain expertise in. Also, educational institutions are coming up with innovative courses to mold the student into a ‘master of all trades’. The School of Inspired Leadership (SOIL) is one such

13 10, 2016

Executive MBA – Opportunity or Challenge


There are several types of people out there, a certain group believes that time synonyms life, you can’t make up for lost time. Physicists and astronomers have gone bonkers in finding a solution to stop time or travel back in time, but why all of this over here? It’s imperative for you to know

10 10, 2016

3 reasons why applying early to SOIL allows you to cut through the competition


Finally you’ve come to your senses. After all the years of troubling your parents, spending their money incessantly, you’ve decided to get off your posterior and go get a management degree. If you think that this means the battle is won, well, it hasn’t even started yet. There are a lot of people out

6 10, 2016

SOIL PGP- One year MBA inclusive of the Social Innovation Program


A master’s degree is often confused as a portal to a much better remuneration, if you thinking on these lines then you’re as mistaken as formals on a Friday. Top honchos cozying in their luxurious glass cabins are not fools to hire any tom, dick and harry with an MBA degree, even if you’re

5 10, 2016

The happening week | 2nd week of Second Trimester


The Self Starters batch entered into the 2nd week of their Second Trimester. The students are back with a bang as they got an opportunity to do their internships with some of the biggest names in the industry and finally term 1’s theories have had their applicability tested.

Section ‘A’ got a flavor of Cognitive Computing and Data Analytics

30 09, 2016

3 ways in which finding the mentor changes your life


A mentor to his student is what God is to us, you don’t believe me? Where will you be right now if not for all the teachers that guided you in your education and other extra-curricular activities? In a dump struggling to make ends meet, that’s where you would’ve been. I’m in no way

29 09, 2016

Networking at School of Inspired Leadership


Most networking experts acknowledge that 99% of Networking is a waste of time. At School of Inspired Leadership, we teach our students how to increase that effective 1% networking to 99%. Effective networking is a combination of the right opportunity and the right approach.

SOIL students have ample industry interaction opportunities throughout the year. These

29 09, 2016

Find every dream company of typical MBA graduates at SOIL campus placements!


The moment you enroll for an MBA course, relatives along with other “highly-interested-in-your-education” folks ask ‘Does it provide placements?’ Yes, it ultimately boils down to that, no one gives a rat’s posterior about the knowledge inculcated and the practical experience of interning. It’s all about the money and the pay check you’re going to

28 09, 2016

Welcome Back Self Starters…


Welcome back Self Starters!!

One month of summer internship passed in the wink of an eye! The second term commenced after a month long (pun intended) internship. As usual the enthusiastic Self Starters, for which they are known for, along with some interesting proceedings unveiled one of the shortest weeks. The self-starters were pumped and

28 09, 2016

Memories from your MBA days that will always stay with you


If you’re burdened with studies, submission of assignments, scribbling notes on your journal and honing your presentation skills then welcome to the MBA course. Sleep deprivation due to partying all night or studying for your end terms, doesn’t matter managing time through this entire roller coaster ride is what matters. But however good or

23 09, 2016

How SOIL Career Services helps Students in Personalized Professional Grooming.


There’s a massive difference in travelling the economy class and the business class, a personal butler, comfortable seats, better boot space, and a bigger entertainment center are some of the features of the latter. But why the reference here? No, we are not providing you with business class tickets to Delhi, rather a similar

21 09, 2016

5 Reasons why SOIL’s One Year MBA stands out from the rest


An MBA course is not for any Tom, Dick and Harry, one can easily secure an admission in a mediocre college, but to be the best you’ve to learn from the best. There is no shortage of reputed educational institutions in India like, XLRI Jamshedpur, ISB Hyderabad, and SOIL Delhi to name a few,