In India, graduation equals a study of a discipline – such as Engineering, Medicine, Social sciences, Commerce, Economics etc. 3 to 4 years are spent by students in such disciplines mastering the various aspects. Post the graduation studies however, the jobs are limited in scope and growth. Most graduates from engineering colleges, irrespective of their specialization, tend to walk towards the lucrative IT job market. They spend a few years there and then realize the need for growth or expansion of the scope of work. Graduates from other colleges look at various other sectors including ITES, non-profit, media, analytics, FMCG etc. to follow their dreams.

However, sooner or later, they too feel the need for growth which does not come from their hard work alone. What is the gap? The gap is in their perspective. The answer to which is provided by MBA colleges in Delhi.

The top 100 MBA colleges in India are structured to give you the tools to think and take decisions. They provide you with the frameworks to work with people and get the best out of them. They teach you to step back and look at the bigger picture and thereby create a vision – all the things needed from a leader. This is done by the pedagogy.

MBA institutes were first created a little over a hundred years ago to ensure an availability of people who could be trained to develop and lead organizations. So all the methodology used in the best MBA colleges in Gurgaon is aligned to that need. Case study discussions in the classroom enrich the student’s knowledge while providing her with frameworks for analysis and decision making. Live projects make her ready for the world of work to come and teach her the importance of working well as a team. The interaction with senior industry leaders help her appreciate the bigger picture and develop her personal and professional vision.

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