The Talent Appreciation Process

SOIL has a unique Admission process called the Talent Appreciation Process.

The parent company of SOIL, Grow Talent Company has helped in the development of thousands of leaders, ever since its inception in 2000. It therefore has deep expertise in identifying and grooming talent. This forms the basis of our selection methodology at SOIL.

Our process is one that will give you a deep understanding of who you are. As part of online application process, we ask you some thoughtful questions. e.g. – If you had all the time and resources in the world, what would you like to create and why? This helps you to understand what you dream about.

The second part is a unique tool called Caliper which looks at multiple intelligences. For instance how assertive you are, how much risk you are willing to take, how much resilience you have to pursue your goals etc. The next part looks at how you think, analyze problems, and come up with creative ideas. The third section helps you to know how you relate to people in terms of empathy, your levels of skepticism while dealing with people, the gregariousness you display etc. The last section helps you to know how you personally organize your time and resources to deliver. Caliper helps you to appreciate your gifts as a leader and provides you rich insights to help you in your development. 

The third unique feature of our admission process is the talent appreciation interview. This is done by a team comprising of a senior leader from one of our consortium companies and a faculty member. They spend time with you in trying to find out what you are good at, your goals and priorities and why you want to study further. The entire focus is on your strengths and positives.