SOIL Admissions Overview

School of Inspired Leadership has a carefully crafted admission process called the Talent Appreciation Process. The parent company of SOIL, Grow Talent Company has helped in the development of thousands of leaders though its HR domain expertise in identifying and grooming talent. This forms the basis of our selection methodology at SOIL.

Our application process involves
1. Online Application Form
2. Essays
3. Assessment Test
4. Recommendations
5. Talent Appreciation Interview

Test Scores Accepted

Logos Final

Who are we looking for?

School of Inspired Leadership attracts students from diverse backgrounds with the following common characteristics:

Leadership Experience
Leadership is the key ingredient that we look for. We appreciate leadership expressed at any scale or in any form – from academics to community building to extra-curricular. Irrespective of your work experience – entrepreneurial, organizational, or social we look for demonstrated leadership experience.

Team Players
School of Inspired Leadership is a fast-paced, and highly-demanding environment. We look for individuals who enjoy collaborating rather than competing. We also believe that a leader is the most responsive team member. We look for students who exhibit the highest ethical standards and respect for others, and can make positive contributions to the MBA Program.

Innovative Thinkers
SOIL follows a rigorous case based study method for most courses. The right candidates are eager to look at all case problems in the light of their own professional experience and arrive at innovative solutions to real business problems.

While the above three from the basis for admission to the SOIL Post Graduate Program, however in order to be eligible to apply to our Post Graduate Program you need to meet the following requirements:

1. An undergraduate degree: As guidance, you should have a minimum score of 60% in 10th and 12th board exams; and a minimum score of 55% in graduating degree for engineers and 50% for non-engineers. If your scores do not meet these criteria you may still be considered provided you have a very strong profile demonstrating a high degree of responsibility at work or an extra-curricular achievement. If you successfully make it through our admission process, then at the time of accepting our offer letter, you will be required to submit all your university degree academic transcripts/mark-sheets.

2. Minimum 2 years of work experience: You should have at least two years of previous full-time work experience for both PGPBL and PGPHRL.  Our class has on average four years full time work experience. We do not look for any sector specific experience, however we do look for career progression and international exposure. We are very encouraging of candidates having unconventional work experience.

Important Dates

All students seeking admission for SOIL Post Graduate Program starting 24th April ’17 can access the online application from here (link). SOIL has three application cycles. Below are the deadlines for the 2017 admissions cycle:

  Apply by Interview invite by Final decision by
Cycle 1 29th  October ‘17 6th November ‘17 20th  November ‘17
Cycle 2 17th December ‘17 31st December ‘17 14th January ‘18
Cycle 3 25th  February ‘18 5th March ‘18 26th  March ‘18

All applications made after 4th February will not be eligible for scholarships. You can visit our scholarship page for more details.

We recommend that you apply at the early stages since we get huge number of applications from Cycle 1 onwards we are unable to guarantee that there will be places left in the later stages.