The MBA degree stands for a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA). The primary courses in MBA programs include marketing, finance, human resources, advertising, and varied areas of management.MBA is generally a two-year degree whereas executive MBA courses are for one year. While the scope for individuals having completed an MBA is endless, these are the top five industries wherein they might be offered jobs –

1. Human Resources (HR)

A one-year MBA in India would enhance an individual’s portfolio. There is a high need for specialists in the HR Department. Being an HR Manager would require individuals to take care of recruiting, selecting, training, and retaining talent for the company. Get to know more about HR management courses here.

2. Finance

Financial MBA courses in India enable one to become an expert in finance-related areas. The course is becoming increasingly popular owing to the boom in India’s financial market. Primarily, the job opportunities are concentrated in sectors like banking, financial consultancy, stock exchange, and the finance departments of organizations.

3. Healthcare

The healthcare industry requires individuals to handle the hospital administration, interact with insurance personnel, and become valuable assets for the hospital. This specialization would help individuals become familiar with the practices and working of the healthcare industry.

4. Marketing

A one year MBA in India in marketing will facilitate a better understanding of market scenarios, consumer behavior, and other influencing factors. It would boost the postgraduate’s ability to analyze, devise, and execute marketing and promotional activities that contribute to the sales of a company.

5. Information Technology (IT)

Individuals may choose to pursue an executive MBA in India to upgrade their work profile. The IT MBA graduates would work in fields requiring them to plan, design, and execute contemporary technologies.

A Master’s of Business Administration is devised keeping industry standards in mind. The course not only adds value to an individual’s resume but also makes him job-ready across industries.

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