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31 08, 2016

“MBA students sleep for less than 5 hours a day”: Behind the scenes reality


There are certain rumors surrounding MBA studies and the most prominent one is of the ‘5 hour slumber’. It is “widely” believed that an MBA grad only sleeps for 5 hours and the remaining 19 hours are utilized to prepare for presentations, studies and what not. To be brutally honest, no human can survive

30 08, 2016

MBA Internships: Here’s everything that you should know


The word ‘internship’ paints a picture of an over-worked humanoid serving coffee to all the higher ups in the office. Yes, the image that pops in our head is not a pretty one because interns are often mistreated and overworked in the office, they are considered as an inferior species meant to serve a

29 08, 2016

Internships 2016 at SOIL: A quick report


Just to recapitulate, the first term of the one year MBA Class of 2017 just zip zapped and before we even realized it was over. Four… yes you read that right… four months have passed and we didn’t even realize… time literally flied… and in the span of four months that just swayed up

25 08, 2016

3 Reasons Why Engineers Thrive at an MBA Program


In our country with a population of over 1 billion and an ever- evolving education system, majority of parents still want their children to pursue either engineering or medicine. This results in a mass number of confused adolescents embarking on a path to fulfill their parent’s self-righteous ambitions. We’ve all been down that road

25 08, 2016

Non-Engineer? 3 Reasons why Most Leading MBA Programs are looking for you


In a country that is brimming with engineers and medical students, the success ratio of a non-engineer is always belittled. While we aim to create the best students, other countries are excelling in other fields. The recently concluded Olympics is a testament to that, our society judges every commoner on the basis of his

23 08, 2016

Just merit is not enough: How I made it to School of Inspired Leadership


Yes, that’s what you read is cent percent right. School of Inspired Leadership is a place that creates ‘Inspired Leaders’ and in the process of creating ‘Leaders’ a lot more goes besides the merit.As it is said ‘Leaders are not born, but are made’, hence School of Inspired Leadership follows a very unique admission

23 08, 2016

1st term experience at SOIL


It’s just mid of August and we at SOIL are on the verge of finishing our first term. Time just flies and I still can’t fathom that our first ever term out of three has come to an end. In a strenuous 12-month PGP, the first step is ‘Done and Dusted’. Three months into

23 08, 2016

7 things that Make SOIL Special


School of Inspired Leadership is one of a kind ‘Business School’ that provides holistic education to serve the purpose of building well being of one and all.

Our very own founder, Mr. Anil Sachdev conducts a series of Self-Leadership workshops that enrich us with the vision of being a Leader in the truest sense. It is

19 08, 2016

3 Ways the case method changes the way you learn during MBA


Blessed are the innovators who made studying motivating. For the uninitiated who are shocked to see the words ‘studies’ and ‘motivating’ in the same sentence in perfect harmony, I’m referring to ‘Case Studies’ and that too in executive MBA courses. What’s the difference you ask? Well, case studies refer to teachings instilled from real-life

17 08, 2016

Looking to do your MBA? Think location, location, location


If you’re one of those confused MBA aspiring humanoids that are thinking ranking, placements or academic facilities before settling for a post-grad college, then there’s some shocking news for you. Apologies for bursting your bubble, but the most important criterion is neither of the mentioned. The imperative aspect is, hold your breath, LOCATION, yes

11 08, 2016

5 Qualities you Should Look for in your Dream Business School


So the decision is made. The transition in the question from ‘Why MBA?’ to ‘Which college for MBA?’ has arrived, but you’re still muddled about which university to pursue your MBA from. It’s a big question as you will be spending a lot of money as your admission fee and it better be a

11 08, 2016

Signs that an MBA in HR is the right fit for you


After completing your graduation studies there’s always the question of what’s next? Should you go for a job or enroll for a post-graduation course? This dilemma has haunted students for a long time and many of them enroll in a post-graduation (PG) course just for the sake of it. The most common PG course

11 08, 2016

5 Ways an MBA program changes you


An MBA is a stepping stone towards a successful career, there are several perks attached to this degree, a better designation, great income and abundant knowledge about your specific field. It makes you realize that you didn’t doubt yourself much when the question ‘Why MBA?’ was asked. To all of those who aspire to

10 08, 2016

“Difference between leadership and management is making the impossible a possible”– Alex Fergusson.


The 14th week at SOIL comprised of various aspects which makes life and learning at SOIL fun. From “Face your fear” as part of the Self Leadership program to Friendship Day party to conclude the weekend with. But, before we discuss the happenings of the last week we want to take a moment and discuss the beautiful feeling

8 08, 2016

Let the games begin


The Self Starters batch entered into the 13th week of their various MBA programs. Last week students experienced a relatively chilled out time, after a long time, towards the end of the week. With Internship interviews happening at full swing some of the major courses from Term-1 like Management Accounting, Business Analysis – Strategic Management came to an official closure with students enthusiastically

8 08, 2016

Business Analytics Course in Delhi | Prof. Dhir’s SOIL Class


So, three months into the Business Leadership Program which has now entered in its full fledged glory. A plethora of courses, flying time and a number of activities, all happening at the same time. A lot of learnings and exciting times.

One such course that came and whizzed was one of my favorite ‘Business Analysis’,

4 08, 2016

Myths Are Broken

As another week came to an end, the Self-Starters batch entered into the 12th week of their management course. This was also the last of Dr. Kohli’s week at SOIL which saw the BLP students slowly and steadily the art of mastering the multitasking in its real sense. Belting case briefs after case briefs, the