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28 04, 2016

Choosing an Executive MBA or a Post-graduate Course ?


You may be a valued employee because of your experience and commitment, but junior employees holding post-graduate degrees may be getting promoted faster than you.

This shows that it is important to constantly update your skill set, especially in a subject such as business. To cater to this need, several courses such as Master’s degrees

28 04, 2016

Scope of an MBA amongst Current Market Trends


Pursuing an MBA will give you skills that you may use to solve day-to-day business and management problems. MBA courses are more relevant today than ever before because thought leaders are needed to exploit the rapid growth in the Indian economy.

Unique Knowledge

Cut-throat competition is a reality. It is not uncommon for senior employees who

27 04, 2016

Full time MBA in India vs Part time MBA


A Master of Business Administration (MBA) is an internationally recognized degree that will help you learn skills required to build a career in business management. Traditionally, students would pursue a two-year, full-time MBA course immediately after completing their graduation..

Today, they often opt for one year full-time MBAs, part-time MBAs, and full-time executive MBA in

27 04, 2016

Post Graduate Courses in India – The Need of the Hour


In a rush to be independent right after graduation, many students prefer to work rather than continue studying. In such a scenario, pg programs (PGP) are being increasingly perceived as time consuming and not worth the money.This perception is in contrast with what employers look for in potential employees, especially those in business and

8 04, 2016

How is Executive MBA Different from MBA for Executives?


An MBA is one degree that is vigorously pursued by both fresh graduates and seasoned professionals. It would be prudent to enrol in an MBA program after gaining considerable work experience. As you have a much deeper understanding of business environments and models, you can truly make the most of what the program offers

6 04, 2016

Everything about Customer Relationship Management (CRM)


In the current market scenario, catering to the customers’ satisfaction has become one of the prime objectives for the biggest firms. After all, the popularity of any particular brand and the stability of the global market at large depends on the consumer’s willingness to repeatedly buy the offered products and services. Not surprisingly, forming